Trailer for True Story 80s Drug Drama ‘MDMA’ Directed by Angie Wang

Trailer for True Story 80s Drug Drama ‘MDMA’ Directed by Angie Wang


Trailer for True Story 80s Drug Drama ‘MDMA’ Directed by Angie Wang

August 1, 2018

MDMA Film Trailer

“I know how to take caring of myself.” Shout Studios has expelled an central trailer for a film patrician MDMA, revelation a mostly loyal story of a drug ring that a immature Asian American lady ran in a 1980s. This semi-autobiographical duration crime play is both created and destined by Angie Wang, and it’s about a story of Angie Wang and her dirty past – she was usually Chinese-American lady “scrambling for standing in a universe of white, west-coast privilege.” This was creatively patrician Cardinal X when it premiered during a few film festivals final year. While in college, and usually during a age of 19, Angie became one of California’s tip dealers of a drug famous as “Ecstasy”, or “X”, strictly called MDMA. It’s a renouned celebration drug that became common mostly during raves and subterraneous dance parties in a 1990s. Annie Q. stars as Angie, and a film’s full expel includes Francesca Eastwood, Elisa Donovan, Pierson Fode, Yetide Badaki, Henry Zaga, Noah Segan, and Ron Yuan. This looks obscenely cliche, though it competence be a constrained story to watch anyway. Have fun.

Here’s a initial central trailer (+ poster) for Angie Wang’s MDMA, approach from YouTube:

MDMA Poster

It’s 1984, and a gorgeous, young, working-class woman, Angie Wang (Annie Q.) from Newark, NJ, is about to start her beginner year during a prestigious San Francisco university. On her initial day, she meets her new roommate, a abounding lady named Jeanine Rockwell (Francesca Eastwood), and a twin bond over booze, boys, and their initial ambience of freedom! Raised by her despotic father in an civic neighborhood, a remarkable jar from hardship to absolved campus life proves to be a plea for Angie Wang. When her financial assist is cut, she uses her book and travel smarts, along with propagandize resources to harmonize a flourishing renouned drug, Ecstasy. Angie becomes one of a west coast’s largest distributors of “X,” slicing deals on campus and in posh nightclubs. Her twin life as a Asian ‘model minority’ coed and profit-driven drug play is serve difficult by her enterprise to assistance Bree, a lady from one of a brook area’s many barbarous ghettos who reminds her of her possess dim past. Angie lives a high life until her foolishness instigates a remarkable tragedy from that she might not recover. MDMA is created and destined by Chinese-American filmmaker Angie Wang, creation her directorial entrance with this semi-autobiographical film. ShoutFactory will recover Wang’s MDMA in name theaters + on VOD starting September 14th entrance adult this fall. Your thoughts?

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