Tony Bennett: ‘The songs that are created today, many of them are...

Tony Bennett: ‘The songs that are created today, many of them are terrible’


Tony Bennett is a vital fable during 87 years old. The man grew adult during some of a best years in renouned music, a pitch and jazz years in a 30s and 40s, and he went on to turn a crooner in a 50s and 60s. He’s still creation strain with a immature artist currently as partial of his Duets series, featuring stream hitmakers like John Legend, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, and Josh Grobin. So what does Bennett consider about complicated music? He thinks it sucks, though he lays a censure on a record industry, that is skewing too immature in his opinion.

Bennett done these comments in a radio talk with BBC4. You can hear Tony’s talk on a BBC’s website and below, and a National Enquirer transcribed a lot of it for us. Here’s more:

In an talk with BBC Radio 4’s “Today Programme”, a 87-year-old thespian pulled no punches, flatly saying that: “The songs that are created today, many of them are terrible,” and that “It’s a really bad period, musically, via a universe for renouned music…

“The companies took it over and they wish to make so many income and they don’t caring either a open likes it or not,” he said. “They consider a open is ignorant, so their opinion is, ‘Don’t give them anything intelligent, since it won’t sell.’

“I grew adult in an epoch where a record companies only sole annals to everybody, and a whole family bought songs.” Bennett continued. “Today, record companies are unwell since they are putting their accent only on a young, and we consider that’s rather silly.

“They’re blank out on thousands of people that would adore to buy annals though they don’t buy them since they don’t have a durability quality.”

But Bennett’s beating with a state of today’s strain biz isn’t interlude him from staying stream – or formulation an arriving partnership of jazz duets with Lady Gaga after this year.

“I still have a lot to learn,” He said. “I’m concentrating on training a lot some-more about music.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Bennett has been on a Columbia tag for many of his career, so doesn’t have to worry about blazing bridges during this point. we adore how impersonal he is and we determine with him, generally after sitting by many of Lady Gaga’s weird video for her new strain yesterday. The video, and a song, were a discordant disaster to me. Not all of Gaga’s songs suck, though many of them do. Of march we consider that some of a best years in strain were a late 80s and early 90s, though that’s when we came of age. It seems like everybody loves a strain that was renouned when they were in high propagandize and college.

Honestly we like to consider that don’t compensate many courtesy to renouned music, though when we watch a Grammys each year we know many of a artists and I’m blown divided by a performances. we do like Imagine Dragons, a crony got me into them, and we also suffer Macklemore (I know though we like him! we downloaded his album) and Adele. There’s good strain still entrance out, though it seems like a difference not a rule. There’s some-more than adequate dance celebration autotune crap to go around. Consider how many of it contingency sound to Tony Bennett, who’s been creation undying strain for many of his prolonged life.

Here’s a audio of Tony’s interview:

Here’s only a audio of Tony doing “The Lady Is a Tramp” with Lady Gaga. You can see a full video here.

Here’s a live opening of “Smile”

And here’s Tony in a classical opening of his signature song, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” also featuring Judy Garland. She starts to sing around 2:00 in.

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