Star: Inside Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s ‘bizarre,’ pot-smoking parenting style

Star: Inside Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s ‘bizarre,’ pot-smoking parenting style


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The Leg is dissatisfied with Star Magazine this week. You wouldn’t wish to see The Leg when it’s angry. Star Magazine’s cover story is all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s “unconventional” domicile and what they’re unequivocally like as parents, and how all Brad does is fume pot (and cry, presumably) while The Leg barks orders during innumerable assistants, nannies, bodyguards and children.

Due to their famously radical lifestyle, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have crafted a singular and puzzling universe for themselves that few people have ever been authorised to look inside — until now! In this week’s issue, Star uncovers a bizarre lives of Hollywood’s many famous family.

The open sees Angelina as merciful and caring, trotting a creation to move pleasantness to general issues, though things are many opposite behind sealed doors. “She can be a bitch. She’s super vindictive. She hates Jennifer Aniston still and is unequivocally rival with her,” a source tighten to a family tells Star. “She likes to plan this kind of hippie, Audrey Hepburn thing where she flies around this universe doing all this unselfish stuff, though it’s all orchestrated.”

Her fiance is also putting on a uncover for a press. “He still likes to fume cigarettes and marijuana,” a insider explains. “He’s a outrageous stoner. He tells Angie that he quit pot, though he’s still a same man he was before they met.”

Still, a many argumentative aspect of a couple’s unusual lifestyle is a giveaway rein they give their 6 children. “The kids run a house,” a source admits. “Those children are wild. There’s consistent screaming during all times of a day and night. And they are intensely messy.”

According to a source, there are dull candy wrappers, piles of toys and garments in their residence “and a housekeeper is approaching to purify it all up.” Another insider adds that a kids have been kicked out of 12 hotels in only dual years for trashing rooms!

[From Star Magazine and Jezebel]

Apparently, Brad also helped “zombie-proof” a Chateau Miraval by building a fort for a kids, which… we mean, that’s so Maddox, right? Star also claims that a Jolie-Pitts occupy 3 full-time tutors, 6 day nannies, dual night nannies and a group of bodyguards. Do we trust that? we do not. It’s not my Brangeloonie weird dwindle drifting possibly – we only don’t trust that Angelina and Brad would spend THAT MUCH income on staff.

Star also claims that a children are not authorised to pronounce English during home, that we also don’t believe. Oh, and apparently Angelina does “scream therapy.” An insider says: “She runs a bath and screams underneath a water, drives to a sea and screams or only sticks her conduct in a penetrate full of water. It seems to be doing her a lot of good.” She screams IN a ocean? But Aniston screams AT a ocean!!! The sea is all, “What a ruin did we do to these bitches?”


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