Sochi Olympics in chaos: dog-killings, hotel room notice & homophobia

Sochi Olympics in chaos: dog-killings, hotel room notice & homophobia



The Sochi Olympics’ Opening Ceremony is tonight. Well, I’m flattering certain that a Opening Ceremony is duty right about now, though Americans won’t see it until tonight. we suspicion this would offer as some kind of preview, since it’s looking some-more and some-more like a Sochi Olympics are going to be a pell-mell mess. #SochiProblems is trending massively on Twitter and there’s even a new Twitter account, @SochiProblems. Some stories going around:

*The hotel conditions in a Olympic encampment is flattering rough. Hotels are unfinished, there’s no using water, or if there is water, it’s brown. All of a Olympic reporters who arrived this week have been in full revolt, and they’ve been tweeting and stating on all of a chaos. Considering that this is a many costly winter games ever, and that Russia has had YEARS to work this out, it’s flattering bad that things are still so unfinished.

*There’s a wandering dog problem in Sochi. A problem that Russian officials done worse by KILLING THE DOGS. Now animal rights groups are perplexing to work overtime to save some of a animals.

*The militant threats are flattering extra. we hatred to be so blasé about it, though OMG. Every Olympic games hold in each city will have threats, though Sochi unequivocally feels like… bad things unequivocally competence happen.

*The happy rights conditions in Russia is unequivocally GD appalling, and Russian officials keep creation it worse. Just today, a Russian emissary primary apportion reiterated that happy athletes and happy family members will be protected in Russia… only as prolonged as they don’t correlate with children.

But am we only creation a listicle since of my Western bias? Russia thinks so. Russians are unequivocally insane about all of a bad press:

Russian officials have dismissed behind during a Western media for what they called “biased” critique of a country’s preparations for a Sochi Winter Olympics, that is to flog off tonight in a Black Sea review town.

“There is an sense that what is stealing behind a approved element of ‘freedom of speech,’ is not a farrago of opinion, though a good orderly information fight [against Russia],” Vladimir Yakunin, conduct of a state-run rail user Russian Railways, pronounced in his blog. He drew a comparison to a 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics, boycotted by several Western nations, including a United States, observant that a Olympics “is being used as a absolute instrument of lobbying for a interests of those who are raw by Russia’s successes.”

He privately mentioned Time, The Economist and German weekly Der Spiegel as publications that have run “biased” reports on Sochi.
On Thursday, Dmitry Kozak, a emissary primary apportion concerned in Olympic preparations, seemed to lash out opposite a call of general reporters who have been pity Sochi fear stories on Twitter, such as photos of unwashed H2O and blank doors in hotel bedrooms granted to a press. “We have notice video from a hotels that shows people spin on a shower, approach a projection during a wall and afterwards leave a room for a whole day,” he was quoted by a Wall Street Journal as saying. A publisher reportedly attempted to ask a apportion either he was suggesting that there is notice in media hotel rooms, though was fast pulled divided by an aid.

A orator for Kozak after pronounced there is no notice in hotel bedrooms or bathrooms assigned by general guests, and that a apportion was referring to notice that was in place during construction of Sochi’s venues.

Foreign apportion Sergei Lavrov ridiculed stories in a western press about that unfamiliar leaders are formulation to attend a Sochi Games — and what a impugn competence mean, diplomatically. “This is rubbish, nonsense,” he was quoted as observant by a ministry’s web site. “I can’t remember a singular Olympic games that triggered this kind of speak — contention of how many heads of states are to uncover up.”

[From THR]

Haha, vouchsafing it trip that there’s video notice in each hotel room. CLASSIC! THR also says that Russian officials are pissed about Google’s loll today, that I’ve screencapped below. we kind of adore how so many of a American corporate sponsors of a Olympics are all shading Russia’s homophobia. A Russian romantic named Yelena Babich shadowy Google flattering hard, observant that Google’s loll was a “provocation” and that Russia is “strong, powerful.”

I’m indeed kind of happy that Pres. Obama isn’t going. Here’s his summary to Team USA:

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