Selena Gomez is really behind with Justin Bieber, though is she holding...

Selena Gomez is really behind with Justin Bieber, though is she holding Molly too?


Selena Gomez

I was gearing adult to write this Selena Gomez post final night with these photos in my mind. we thought, “Wow! She looks voluptuous though not cheap here.” The cinema are from a Flaunt repository eventuality a few weeks ago that got mislaid in a holiday shuffle. Selena looks great. we was so convinced by these cinema that we was prepared to giggle off a large story in this week’s Enquirer about how Selena’s been holding Miley Cyrus’ street drug of choice, Molly.

Then we saw a unequivocally bad news. TMZ has photos of Selena and Justin Bieber roving segways together nearby his home in Calabasas. She took his swaggy donkey behind after all of brothel things and other sum Bieber doings. What a hell, Selena? Now we competence trust anything. Here’s that story from a Enquirer:

Squeaky-clean starlet Selena Gomez suffered a weird open meltdown, unexpected canced an general debate and crashed her SUV in singular car collision — withdrawal fans wondering what has happened to a former Disney darling.

Now, in a blockbuster Enquirer exclusive, a tighten source reveals that a 21-year-old singer/actress personally used drugs!

Selena, who reportedly dumped her beloved Justin Bieber over his purported drug use — has been seen holding a travel drug “Molly.”

The bombshell was delivered by a source — endangered that Selena is spiraling out of control — who gives a Enquirer a initial palm watcher comment of a immature hostess regulating Molly during a celebration over a summer.

Selena also attended a new 12-step assembly with her tighten crony Demi Lovato, who did a rehab army in 2010, nonetheless Selena’s deputy pronounced she was there usually to support Demi.

“I don’t know either Justin Bieber pushed her to take Molly or either she started regulating it by counterpart pressure,” pronounced a source, who has upheld a polygraph test, told a Enquirer in a universe disdainful interview. Nonetheless, “Selena Gomez is wisely perplexing to assistance herself stay off Molly.

Molly is an bootleg opiate done from a categorical chemical in a supposed “sex drug” Ecstasy. But experts contend Molly — that is mostly taken in powdered form — is some-more manly and can means seizures, hypothermia, heart problems, comas and even death. It can also lead to some-more critical problems like heroin and heroin addiction.

Despite a dangers of a drug, Selena used Molly during a private residence celebration in a Hollywood Hills this past summer, according to source. “Justin was during a same party, though we didn’t see him regulating drugs that night,” a source told a Enquirer.

“I was some-more focused on Selena because, adult to that point, we didn’t know she took drugs. But she clearly knew what she was doing. This positively wasn’t her initial time ‘rolling’ (the tenure Molly users impute to removing high).”

Although Selena’s deputy denied that she ever used Molly, a source said: “She ingested reduction than agram of a drug in a bottle of water, that is one of a many common ways of doing it. She was also drinking. we saw champagne, blockade and Grey Goose (vodka) during a party.”

Selena had formerly been speckled unresolved around with self-confessed cocaine-abuser Donatella Versace during Fashion Week in Milan, Italy.

[From Enquirer, imitation edition, Jan 13, 2014]

I don’t know either this story is true, though it’s rather plausible and does usually chip divided during Selena’s good-girl image. Frankly we am astounded during observant Selena with Justin again and competence trust anything about her today. She suspicion she was out, and he pulled her behind in. Bieber has some Godfather-grade pull. What a shame.

In other Selena news, there’s some speak of her tour cancellation. Selena’s group hasn’t reliable this yet, though some outlets are observant she suffers from lupus and had a large light up. So it creates clarity that she’d cancel some concerts, though it never creates clarity that Justin Bieber would be good for her downtime.

Selena Gomez

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