Official Trailer for Remarkable Underwater Survival Doc ‘Last Breath’

Official Trailer for Remarkable Underwater Survival Doc ‘Last Breath’


Official Trailer for Remarkable Underwater Survival Doc ‘Last Breath’

March 15, 2019
Source: YouTube

Last Breath Doc Trailer

“At no indicate did we consider that we weren’t going to get him back.” Dogwoof has denounced an central trailer for a stirring underwater presence documentary patrician Last Breath, a underline entrance of filmmakers Richard da Costa Alex Parkinson. This “docudrama” hybrid tells a story of blurb diver Chris Lemons, who went to work one day for a slight investigation of a drilling structure during a Huntington oil field, some 115 miles easterly of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. He was 262ft underwater when his umbilical line got snagged and severed, withdrawal him with usually an puncture atmosphere tank – with usually 5 mins of atmosphere to breath, and a rescue 30 mins away. The film utilizes endless recreations to tell a story, along with extraordinary archival and black box footage from a tangible incident. Looks chilling and remarkable, another heated presence doc to watch.

Here’s a central UK trailer for Richard da Costa Alex Parkinson’s doc Last Breath, from YouTube:

Last Breath Doc Film

In 2012, diver Chris Lemons lay trapped underneath a North Sea. His umbilical wire was totally severed, withdrawal him but respirating gas or any tie to a dive bell. Alone in a dim waters but any means of communication, his chances of presence were slim. Docu-drama Last Breath recreates his story, fixation a spectator during a heart of unfortunate attempts to strech him. Filled with romantic testimony, repository footage and fascinating technical detail, it is an edge-of-the-seat loyal story on a standard with anything that James Cameron competence have devised. Last Breath is co-directed by filmmakers Richard da Costa Alex Parkinson (“River Monsters”, “Legend Hunter”), both creation their underline directorial debut. This premiered during a Glasgow Film Festival progressing this year. Dogwoof will recover Last Breath in UK cinemas starting April 5th subsequent month. No central US recover date is set. Stay tuned for some-more updates. Interested?

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