Nigella Lawson won’t self-pity: ‘There are people going by an awful lot...

Nigella Lawson won’t self-pity: ‘There are people going by an awful lot worse’


Nigella Lawson

I don’t design this to be a ragingly renouned post, though we wanted to hold bottom with something we haven’t seen for awhile: a smiling Nigella Lawson. 2013 was a severe year for a domestic enchantress as she left her savage of a husband, Charles Saatchi, after he choked her during a open restaurant in London. Charles and Nigella fast dissolved their marriage. She was still dragged by a sand when Saatchi sued their former assistants for fraud. The dodgy Grillo sisters were cleared on all charges though not before Nigella was put on a mount and admitted her possess occasional heroin use. Talk about unnecessary impression assassination.

Now Nigella is behind and scheming for a new deteriorate of judging The Taste. The suacy luminary cook seemed to be in good spirits as she visited GMA yesterday. She talked about a hearing and a open philharmonic concerned with a choking incident. Nigella sounds like she’s in a most improved place now:

On a exhausting trial: “I have to be honest, to have not usually your private life though distortions of your private life put on arrangement is mortifying. But there are people going by an awful lot worse and to dwell on any of it would be self-pity and we don’t like to do that.”

Her categorical concern: “My usually enterprise unequivocally was to strengthen my children as most as possible, that we couldn’t do, though that’s what we wanted to do,” she said.

On recuperating from Saatchi: “Actually given afterwards I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate. (And I) had a really good Christmas and I’m into a New Year.”

[From Yahoo! Good Morning America]

I find it extraordinary that Nigella can step behind from her terrible, awful, horrible year of open chagrin and comprehend that there are many people that have it worse. How many celebrities have we listened contend that … ever? we wish she moves on from Saatchi with an extraordinary bloke. And we wish she keeps eating all of a chocolate since she’s warranted it.

Here’s a video shave of a GMA appearance.

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson

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