New Trailer for Qiu Sheng’s Coming-of-Age Mystery ‘Suburban Birds’

New Trailer for Qiu Sheng’s Coming-of-Age Mystery ‘Suburban Birds’


New Trailer for Qiu Sheng’s Coming-of-Age Mystery ‘Suburban Birds’

March 14, 2019
Source: YouTube

Suburban Birds Trailer

“I always wanted to display something hidden.” The Cinema Guild has debuted an central US trailer for an acclaimed Chinese coming-of-age film patrician Suburban Birds, a underline directorial entrance of filmmaker Qiu Sheng. This premiered during a Locarno Film Festival final year, and is subsequent personification during a prestigious New Directors/New Films festival in New York City after this month. The puzzling Suburban Birds is about an operative sent to examine a suburban area. After days of erratic around in a dull suburb looking for answers, Hao walks into a primary propagandize where he finds a diary chronicling a story of a boy. As a review continues, he discovers that this diary competence enclose prophecies about his possess life. Described as “‘Stand By Me‘ meets Kafka’s ‘The Castle,'” a indie play is “both a thoughtfulness on a sleazy inlet of memory as good as a criticism on China’s fast urbanization that heralds a attainment of an sparkling new voice.” Starring Zihan Gong, Lu Huang, and Mason Lee. This looks like a genuine singular cinema discovery.

Here’s a central US trailer (+ intl. poster) for Qiu Sheng’s Suburban Birds, approach from YouTube:

Suburban Birds Poster

A distinguished entrance film from China’s Qiu Sheng, Suburban Birds is a delicious poser and a bittersweet coming-of-age comedy rolled into one. Hao (Mason Lee) is partial of a group of immature engineers called in to examine a array of craters that have non-stop adult on a corner of a city. As he and his group consult a subsiding area, another story is holding place in a same suburban landscape. A younger boy, also named Hao, spends prolonged afternoons personification with friends and creation effect until one-by-one, his playmates start to disappear. As these together stories unfold, a connectors between them proliferate and grow stranger. With virtuosic assurance, Qiu employs graphic styles for any of a dual account strands and unites them with a devious and sad clarity of humor. Suburban Birds is both created and destined by Chinese filmmaker Qiu Sheng (aka Brandon Q), creation his underline directorial entrance after a few shorts previously. This premiered during a Locarno Film Festival final year. The Cinema Guild will recover Qiu Sheng’s Suburban Birds in name US theaters starting April 5th subsequent month. For some-more info, revisit a official website. Curious?

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