‘Narcissist’ Gwyneth Paltrow ‘didn’t care’ about infidelity, did caring what Chris ate

‘Narcissist’ Gwyneth Paltrow ‘didn’t care’ about infidelity, did caring what Chris ate


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Yesterday we lonesome the initial excerpts from People Magazine’s Gwyneth Paltrow-Chris Martin cover story. People teased a fact that “sources” are now observant that Goop and Chris had an open matrimony and were mostly distant for a past few years. Well, as we can imagine, Us Weekly also put Goop and Chris on their cover too, and a multiple of People and Us Weekly digging around for mud (or carrying mud granted to them by dual competing publicists?) is a report goldmine. Some highlights from Us Weekly People:

*People’s sources keeps observant Chris Goop were “on and off for many years” and “It caused both of them extensive pain, and they attempted to repair it day after day.” Another source says they were astounded it took so prolonged for Goop and Chris to finally call it quits.

*People Magazine names names. Jeffrey Soffer is one of a names mentioned – he’s a billionaire who is now married to Elle Macpherson, though in 2009, he was singular and connecting with Gwyneth in Miami. Another name: Glee writer Brad Falchuk. I’ve listened things about Goop being concerned with someone behind-the-scenes on Glee, so it’s good to finally have a name. Apparently, he was married too? And now he’s divorced?

*As for Chris’s purported (or not so much) infidelities, a source tells People: “If Chris was personification around, Gwyneth didn’t care. She’s never been sceptical or territorial. Her truth is, ‘we’re both adults. We make a possess choices.’”

*Us Weekly says Gwyneth mostly mocked Chris – a source says: “Gwyneth would snipe and… contend things to him like ‘You’re such a moron.’ Chris couldn’t take it anymore.” Apparently, Chris “never fought back” and Gwyneth would “totally make fun of a approach he ate and what he systematic when they ate out. It was like vital with a dominant schoolteacher or practice coach. He only took it.”

*Chris hated that Gwyneth would put their kids on diets: “They butted heads on parenting,” a source claimed to Us Weekly. Taking her children’s diet to a impassioned sometimes, Paltrow and Martin disagreed on what they could and couldn’t eat. “He suspicion they should only be kids and have ice cream each once in a while.”

*Narcissism: “Gwyneth is someone that likes attention. There is a complacency there.” She flaunted her flirtations too: “She would plainly coquette with group in front of Chris.”

*Chris’s groupies: “Chris talked to her about temptations on a road. Gwyneth knew girls threw themselves during him.”

Wow. we competence have to take behind what we pronounced about Gwyneth’s publicist dishing some of this things – it sounds like Chris is holding caring of business, portrayal Gwyneth as a narcissistic play black who belittled him constantly and refused to let their children have ice cream. Yes, Dorothy, Chris Martin will be FINE. And while Goop’s extracurriculars are named (in People, for a adore of God), where is a discuss of Chris’s extracurriculars? Maybe a Americans tabloids are bursting duties with a UK tabloids – a UK gossips are on a hunt for mud on Alexa Chung while People and Us Weekly will figure out who done Goop’s Bone List.


Photos pleasantness of WENN, Us Weekly.

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