Miley Cyrus wanted her backup dancers to dress as creepy voluptuous babies...

Miley Cyrus wanted her backup dancers to dress as creepy voluptuous babies on NYE


Miley Cyrus

Here’s something we never suspicion would happen: Miley Cyrus in a print with Debbie Harry. Miley achieved on ABC’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and we couldn’t stay adult to watch it live. That’s uncanny since we stay adult until midnight many nights. On NYE, we lasted until about 10pm before flitting out with my arms around an bum pup. What a riveting life we do lead. I’m blissful we didn’t stay adult for Miley’s opening since it was dry as hell. Here’s a video shave if we wish to rubbish a few mins of your life:

During her act, Miley certified she didn’t wish to wear so many wardrobe onstage: “This is a many garments I’ve been in in 2013. Because of a cold continue and standards and practises, this is what we came adult with.” She did conduct to wear an vast fur cloak with a sight held by 3 of her backup dancers. That’s Miley giving a finger to those of we who criticising her use of fur while she complains how humans are guilty of true racism” opposite a array longhorn dog breed.

To no one’s surprise, Miley wasn’t confident with a medium inlet of this performance. What she unequivocally wanted to do was let her creepy, voluptuous baby dwindle fly by sauce adult her fill-in dancers as voluptuous Baby New Years. These “would have been mixed small people in diapers and sashes.” This is totally plausible and gross. I’m blissful ABC shot down that mess.

Some some-more Miley tidbits entrance right during ya in bulletpoint form:

* Miley and Kellan Lutz are still hooking up, though she’s not into him. Miley is excellent with gripping it physical, though Kellan “is smitten by her.” She’s perplexing to stay eccentric and “isn’t giving him a attribute that he wants.

* We knew this already, though Miley is starting to consternation if Kellan is only regulating her for fame: “The timing of these hookups are consider to Miley. So she is really consider of his loyal intentions.” Remember, Adventures of Hercules comes out this month!

* Life Style is pulling a large cover story this week about how Miley is presumably bisexual. She’s reportedly been “experimenting with women and even brags that she’s had threesomes.” But! Miley is so disturbed that someone will out her passionate antics, that could “seriously harm” her career. That fact flattering many hull a story. we feel like if Miley was hooking adult with women and carrying threesomes, she’d wish everybody to know about it. She wouldn’t wish to hush anything adult during all. This story could be loyal in a sense, though we consider it’s simply a box of Miley making out with anyone and everyone after she pops a molly. As in this stupid print of Miley and Cara Delevigne with their twin tongues.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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