Miley Cyrus spits H2O all over her concertgoers: sum or stone ‘n’...

Miley Cyrus spits H2O all over her concertgoers: sum or stone ‘n’ roll?


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is still on her crazy Bangerz tour, and I’m feeling unequivocally zen about it. After all of Miley’s antics, she’s finally ragged me down for a moment. She’s doing what she wants to do with her career, and she’s not hurting anyone though herself. There are the children to consider, though relatives have themselves to censure if they take their kids to see a former Hannah Montana in concert.

Miley’s been stirring adult her possess code of debate as always. Let’s do some discerning bullet points to locate up:

* There are rumors present about her upsetting Isaac Hanson by smoking weed in a Hanson Brothers’ 3CG studio in Tulsa. we don’t know if that story is true, though it’s super bold to fume anything in a place where it’s not welcome. Let alone weed, that is still unequivocally bootleg in Oklahoma. Those bad Hansons contingency have fumigated a place after Miley departed.

* Radar Online has a new story about how dreadfully lonely Miley is. That’s a rather repulsive tale. we consider it’s equally as repulsive as smoking bone-head in a Hansons’ studio. What else? A $5,000 cake to applaud a Bangerz tour.

* Miley has outdone herself with some new video footage taken during her Tampa concert. In a vid, she’s stalking around her theatre while asking, “You guys carrying a bad donkey time? What about we guys?” Then she takes a outrageous splash of H2O and spews it all over a crowd. She does that 3 times. Here’s a shave of Miley doing her best Johnny Rotten since she’s so punk rock:

Eh. She’s not so most a Sex Pistol as a Justin Bieber counterpart with this move. Remember how Swaggy launched separate bombs on his fans from a balcony? Same effect. What’s peculiar is that Miley’s fans desired it when she separate on them. They cheered! The lady who uploaded this footage commented on YouTube about how Miley was usually sanctimonious to spit, and people egged her on: “cmon if u were a outrageous fan of anyone and they did that u would be freaking out to i overtly wish she did that to my side i was unequivocally jealous.“

TMZ has a improved angle on a spitting incident. This is so gross.

Miley Cyrus

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