Miley Cyrus: People consider I’m a ‘freak that only pops molly and...

Miley Cyrus: People consider I’m a ‘freak that only pops molly and does lines all day’


She wasn’t extremist during a VMAs: “It’s indeed unequivocally humorous how many people could watch my performance, and they consider it was, like, sexist and spiritless to women, and somehow people found that it was racist, that we couldn’t even hang my mind around. Because I’m like: ‘How do we win? If we have white dancers, afterwards I’m racist. If we have black lady dancers, afterwards I’m racist.’ We know we’re not racist, and we know I’m not putting down women. People got a arise out of me observant that we was a feminist, though we am. I’m revelation women be whoever we wish to be.”

Her mutation is all an act: “I went from people only meditative we was, like, a baby to people meditative I’m this, like, sex weird that unequivocally only pops molly and does lines all day. It’s like, ‘Has anyone ever listened of stone ‘n’ roll?’ There’s a sex stage in flattering most each singular movie, and they go, ‘Well, that’s a character.’ Well, that’s a character. we don’t unequivocally dress as a teddy bear and, like, twerk on Robin Thicke, we know?”

Forcasting her possess irrelevance? “Last night, we was articulate about some Madonna performances, and we said, ‘At some point, all becomes irrelevant.’ Like, no one even thinks about when she did ‘Like a Virgin’ during a V.M.A.s. That only becomes a standard, where it’s only like, ‘Oh, that’s her thing.’ So, we feel like now that we did a V.M.A.s, that only kind of became a customary for me, and afterwards anytime we do anything else, they’re like, ‘Miley kept it tame tonight.’”

The problem of being Miley: “I watch everyone’s song videos, to a indicate where I’m O.C.D., looking during each singular thing they’re wearing and what they’re doing. Before, since we didn’t have my possess personal self yet, it was tough for me to watch that kind of stuff. we was so sceptical of what everybody else got to do, since we didn’t get to truly be myself yet. But now we comprehend how most they’re not being themselves either. You don’t have to be sealed to Disney Channel to be put in a box, or to be rated PG. I’m with artists sometimes, and I’ll take a design of them or whatever. They make me undo it. It’s insane. I’ll get someone to, like, peep me, and they’ll be, like, ‘You have to undo it!’ we had to do that when we was 14 or 15, though even afterwards we didn’t care. Like, if someone was videoing me ripping a bong, we didn’t care, so it’s only humorous to me. I’m like: ‘Dude, you’re 30. Like, since can’t someone see a design of your [breasts]?’”

Hmm: “I don’t have a garland of celeb friends, since we feel like some of them are a small frightened of a association. This is terrible. we was backstage with [the rising cocktail star] Ariana Grande. I’m like, ‘Walk out with me right now and get this picture, and this will be a best thing that happens to you, since only we comparing with me creates we a small reduction sweet.’”

On Joe Jonas blaming her for his pot smoking: “If we wish to fume weed, you’re going to fume weed. There’s zero that dual small girls are going to get we to do that we don’t wish to do. we suspicion maybe he was observant that like it was going to make him demeanour badass. We were so immature that it’s indeed like, ‘How did we get counterpart pressured by me?’”

Did she unequivocally remove a Vogue cover? “I can’t contend too much. But it was where we was kind of going to have to do this trade-off, and we wasn’t peaceful to. Right now, me doing any kind of cover for anything that’s like, a Seventeen or Teen Vogue or whatever, a approach that we speak isn’t a approach that people that are 17 unequivocally understand. There was a thing that Kurt Cobain said, something like, ‘There’s a special place in ruin for people that glamorize drugs,’ and we never wish to be that chairman that’s, like, articulate to 16- and 17-year-olds and being like, ‘Smoke weed.’ I’ve got a small sister. we don’t wish her to fume weed, and it’s not since we consider weed is bad, though … she’ll make a choice. Or even, like, my language. we don’t know how to not speak a approach we talk. we would rather have all we do be 100 percent honest. we only wish to be who we am.”

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