Miley Cyrus: Humans are guilty of ‘true racism’ opposite a array longhorn...

Miley Cyrus: Humans are guilty of ‘true racism’ opposite a array longhorn dog breed


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was really vehement to be in a front quarrel during Britney Spears’ initial Las Vegas show. After a concert, Miley partied with her (possible) new Lutzy boyfriend, Kellan Lutz. You can see photos of them together here, though we don’t consider Kellan was during a Brit Brit show. I’m overtly starting to consider he’s not her beloved though merely a new member of her entourage.

Miley was on palm not usually to support Britney (because they share a same manager, Larry Rudolph) though to horde a opening of a Vegas Beacher’s Madhouse club. While dancing a night away, Miley got a small affectionate (and kissy?) with Kellan though also laid one on a backup dancer during Britney’s uncover progressing that evening. For what it’s worth, Miley has reportedly invited Kellan to be “her VIP guest during a New Year’s Rockin’ Eve unison during Times Square. (Yes, Miley is behaving during a event. we wish she doesn’t get exposed and float a ball.)

I theory we should plead her outfit. Miley’s wearing a Calvin Klein tip (she kept flashing underboob during a party) with an Issey Miyake suspender dress and Versace shoes. Check out her retro Britney backpack.

Miley Cyrus

Miley’s also stirring sh-t adult since that’s a usually thing she knows how to do. Remember how clueless she sounded while fortifying herself opposite “racist” claims per her live show’s minstrelsy? Wellll … Miley has posted a print of one of her dogs to her Instagram account. In her caption, Miley accuses amiability of “racism” opposite a array longhorn breed: “People need 2 be prepared on pits. They’re killed means no one takes them. True injustice in a dog world- by humans =(.”

* record blemish *

I’ll only leave this one open for discussion.

Miley Cyrus

Here’s Miley with bar owners Jeff Beacher. She puts her tongue all over everything.

Miley Cyrus

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