Lupita Nyong’o met with JJ Abrams about a vital purpose in ‘Star...

Lupita Nyong’o met with JJ Abrams about a vital purpose in ‘Star Wars VII’: OMG!?



If we have one worry for Lupita Nyong’o, it’s that Hollywood won’t know accurately what to do with her and her career will finish adult unsatisfactory as she’s miscast in a array of rough movement films or heart-wrenching and definitely unwatchable dramas. Since winning her Oscar, Lupita hasn’t sealed on to any new film. She was in Paris to paint her MiuMiu contract, and then…? My theory is she’s home in Brooklyn. Quietly weighing her options, reckoning out her subsequent move. What if her subsequent pierce is a estimable purpose in a new Star Wars film?

Add Oscar leader Lupita Nyong’o to those assembly for a partial of a womanlike lead in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Sources contend that Nyong’o met with J.J. Abrams usually a few weeks ago, only before a Academy Awards where she took home a statuette for best ancillary singer for her work in 12 Years a Slave.

Nyong’o’s subsequent moves post-12 Years are generating most tongue-wagging as she takes a stairs to organisation adult a film career that has fundamentally started off with a bang.

Nyong’o was innate in Mexico, lifted in Kenya, and graduated from Yale University School of Drama. She had a purpose in a MTV array Shuga though her underline entrance was in 12 Years.

Her stardom has closely been building via a awards deteriorate and in a final few weeks she found herself in a brew for a high-profile purpose of Tiger Lily in Warner Bros.’s Pan. She is also in a using for a purpose in The Whole Truth, a courtroom play starring Daniel Craig.

Now Nyong’o’s name has flush in tie to Star Wars. Because of a secrecy, it is misleading that purpose it could be. One probability is that of a descendent of Obi-Wan Kenobi, that has been described as a non-Caucasian role. That is apart from a hunt for dual roles, womanlike and male, for characters in their twenties.

It is famous that Abrams is still assembly with actors with several for his leads, that sojourn uncast. Several sources contend that Jesse Plemons is one of a actors to kick for one of a roles and that British actors Ed Speleers and John Boyega are also in a mix. Adam Driver is in final negotiations to play a undisclosed knave impression in a movie.

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Latino Review theorized that Lupita is adult for a purpose as a Sith. Lupita’s repute told them, “We’re not authorised to speak about that.” So… there was a meeting, that most we’re certain of. And how would JJ Abrams NOT wish to work with Lupita? we suppose she’s really good in meetings.

So, is this Lupita’s subsequent move? A Star Wars film (or presumably three)? The thing is… suppose Lupita in some skin-tight unconventional suit. Imagine her with a badass cape. Imagine her with a light saber. See? we consider it competence work. we consider she would fit in good with that world. We’ll see.

(I wish Lupita and Benedict Cumberbatch to play Sith duke and lady – like Macbeth and Lady Macbeth of a Star Wars universe. we wish them to be gloriously mean and we wish them both to have badass light sabers. There’s your start point, JJ.)


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