Lena Dunham covers Vogue: do we adore or hatred a Annie Leibovitz...

Lena Dunham covers Vogue: do we adore or hatred a Annie Leibovitz shoot?


Sex scenes nudity: “There was a clarity that we and many women we knew had been led erroneous by Hollywood and radio depictions of sexuality. Seeing somebody who looks like we carrying sex on radio is a reduction gentle knowledge than saying somebody who looks like nobody you’ve ever met.”

Her on-screen attribute with Patrick Wilson: “Critics said, ‘That man wouldn’t date that girl!’ It’s like, ‘Have we been out on a travel lately?’ Everyone dates everyone, for lots of reasons we can’t understand. Sexuality isn’t a ideal puzzle, like, ‘He has a good nose and she has a good nose! She’s got good breasts and he’s got good calves! And so they’re going to live happily ever after in a residence that was purchased with their displaying money!’ It’s a difficult thing. we wish people ultimately, even if they’re uneasy by certain moments, to feel bolstered and normalized by a sex that’s on a show.”

Meeting her boyfriend: “I’d been like, If we never date again in my whole life, I’ll be excellent with it! we wish to work and rescue rabbits and be a critical eccentric!” she says. “I had a whole regretful suspicion about singledom, and then, of course, that’s a impulse when we accommodate someone that we unequivocally caring about.”

Her private existence: “I have a unequivocally good private existence, roughly some-more like a biographer or a columnist would, and reduction like an actor would,” she says. “Which we enjoy, since we can’t exaggerate how many we hatred withdrawal a house.” Dunham sees her unit as an prolongation of herself: She couldn’t commence confidant feats of self-disclosure in public—the stories of her passionate history, a portraits of her family life, a nakedness—if she didn’t have it to lapse to. “No one would report me as a private person, yet we indeed unequivocally am,” she explains. “It’s critical for me to have a lot of time alone, and to have a lot of time in my residence by myself. My whole life arrange of takes place between me and my dog, my books, and my boyfriend, and my private world. To me, remoteness isn’t indispensably alike with secret-keeping. What’s private is my attribute with myself.”

LA: Dunham spends several weeks any tumble in Los Angeles, where both Apatow and Konner have families: It is easiest to do video modifying for one season, and brainstorming for a next, on a West Coast. “I like Los Angeles, yet some-more than dual weeks and we start to get a unequivocally unhappy feeling,” she explains. “You eat good there, and we take hikes, and my dog”—a rescue pet named Lamby—“loves it, yet eventually it’s not a right place for me.” In many contexts, she still feels like a Hollywood outsider. “I went early on to a celebration during a unequivocally famous person’s house. They had a private cook there creation pizza, and we remember a dog was wearing a crawl tie. Every time we looked around, it would be like, Is that someone we know from camp? No, that’s Ashton Kutcher. It was such a uncanny scene. we remember thinking, we don’t feel during home here, and no matter how prolonged this is my job, we will never feel during home here. And if we do start to feel during home here”—her brow furrows—“someone should unequivocally worry about me.”

Her teenage years: Even in high school, though, she found good association in books; a immature Dunham was a fan of Philip Roth, Anne Sexton, and Sylvia Plath, whose confessional character struck a chord. She came to courtesy fairness as a absolute resourceful tool: one that offering a enterprising recover of an uncorked bottle yet also combined a bond between artist and audience. It betrothed something improved for her, too. “I had unequivocally bad OCD. we was unequivocally waste during school. we felt a lot of shame,” she explains. “Seeing what we suspicion was people lightening their possess load, or lifting their possess burdens, by essay about them or singing about them only done a universe seem some-more open.”

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