Kim Kardashian skeleton to record military news opposite a child who threatened...

Kim Kardashian skeleton to record military news opposite a child who threatened to kill her



For whatever reason, there about 20 million Kanye West and Kim Kardashian stories percolating by a interwebs today, so we apologize for carrying dual Kimye stories today, yet it could not be avoided. Some of a stories are merely follow-ups to Kanye West’s alleged attack of an purported extremist d-bag. Some of a stories don’t have most to do with anything. Let’s mangle it down:

*Kim basically told TMZ her side of a story (although TMZ is still going with “sources familiar”), and she’s observant that a child screamed “I will kill you, slut” during her and a child forsaken some n-bombs too. Kim is filing her possess military news about a conditions to negate a stream review Kanye is confronting for rapist battery. TMZ seems to consider that Kanye is in large trouble, yet I’m still not saying it. If Chris Brown is still out in a world, since would Kanye be in large trouble?

*TMZ finally got their hands of some paparazzi video of a 18-year-old child articulate to Kim outward of a medical building. You can see a video here.

*Page Six says Kanye had lunch with Anna Wintour during a Beverly Hills Hotel a few days ago. A source claims: “They were in a dilemma booth, unequivocally intense. He was articulate nonstop. She did not get a word in edgewise.” Apparently, Kanye is still perplexing to remonstrate Wintour to put Kim on a cover of Vogue. Stay strong, Anna.

*Kanye thinks Beyonce STOLE his judgment of a “visual album” with her latest manuscript release. A source told Radar: “Kanye is feeling unequivocally degraded over Beyonce’s manuscript doing so well. He wanted to do a visible manuscript for his ‘Dark Twisted Fantasies’ album, yet everybody around him assured him it wouldn’t work. That’s since he finished adult doing one prolonged film to go with it [the 35-minute brief film, ‘Runaway’].” Apparently, Kanye isn’t pitching a fit about it though, since “he needs to stay on good terms with Jay Z.” Plus, he wants to do something to obscure Beyonce.

*Beyonce’s Bey-hive has been trolling Kim since Kim has been Single-White-Female-ing Beyonce. Kim copies all about Beyonce and Kim has even posted Beyonce lyrics to her Instagram or something. Anyway, Bey’s stans are watching, Kim.


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