Kesha checked herself into rehab for 30 days to provide an eating...

Kesha checked herself into rehab for 30 days to provide an eating disorder



At first, we usually saw a title “Kesha… Rehab…” and we thought, “Huh, heroin and alcohol, we bet.” But we was wrong! Kesha checked into a diagnosis core in Illinois for an eating disorder. Actually… we could see that. Kesha’s weight has yo-yoed utterly a bit over a past few years, and we could see how that would be a product of an eating disorder. Of course, my initial arrogance was cocaine, maybe with an eating commotion chaser, though let’s only take all one day during a time.

Ke$ha is seeking diagnosis for an eating disorder. The “Timber” singer, 26, checked into rehab on Friday, Jan. 3.

“I’m a crusader for being yourself and amatory yourself, though I’ve found it tough to practice,” a “Crazy Kids” crooner told Us Weekly in a statement. “I’ll be taken for a subsequent 30 days, seeking diagnosis for my eating commotion … to learn to adore myself again, accurately as we am.”

She is reportedly during Timberline Knolls rehab core — a same residential diagnosis core in Illinois that Demi Lovato checked into behind in 2010.

Just one day before, Ke$ha posted a Twitter design of herself removing a new tattoo of a smiley face. “Happy new year!!!! get it?” she wrote.

On New Year’s Day, a thespian debuted her “Dirty Love” strain video, that was also K$ha’s directorial debut. “This is my face strain off my record,” a Warrior hitmaker tweeted.

“Cheers to this year being a best year ever,” she wrote. “2014 gon be a year of law and freedom.”

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It’s bizarre to me that eating commotion diagnosis comforts do a same kind of 30-day detox programs as unchanging substance-abuse rehab facilities, though maybe that’s a point. You’re detoxing from ALL of your bad habits during once. Anyway, it’s good that Kesha is removing assistance and we wish all works out for her. Even if she’s gotten kind of sum (drinking urine, remember?), we still kind of like her and wish her to be around for years to come. Stay healthy, Kesha!


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