Johnny Depp wears a man-gagement ring for Amber Heard: honeyed or strange?

Johnny Depp wears a man-gagement ring for Amber Heard: honeyed or strange?


Johnny Depp

Here are some photos of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard exiting their NYC hotel over a weekend. Amber looks poetic and has concurrent some critical cloak pr0n with a attractive blue handbag. Johnny looks an complete mess. The Scarf Monster has interconnected ratty looking jeans and boots with a chewed adult hat. His overcoat would be fine, though he spilled something all over a front. The headband is interesting. Did he and Amber devise a double shot of blue? One important appendage that we might not have beheld is on Johnny’s left ring finger. Yahoo! is job it a “man-gagement” ring. Here’s a somewhat closer demeanour during Johnny’s new jewelry:

Johnny Depp

The glossy trinket is pronounced to be a signet-style rendezvous ring. Johnny was reportedly wearing it during his celeb-filled rendezvous party. This led MTV UK to consternation either Johnny and Amber had already gotten hitched on a sly. They are not nonetheless married yet. Johnny is going all out for Amber when it happens. He is utterly devoted to her, and their commitment will substantially be a outrageous blowout event. Plus … we consider Johnny contingency adore a thought of wearing an rendezvous ring since he is crazy about accessorizing. This male accessorizes some-more in one week than we have in my whole life. Does wearing a man-gagement ring sound uncanny to you?

There’s a “new” story present that some of we commented about on my final Depp-Heard post. (These dual need a coupley nickname.) Johnny has allegedly been articulate about retiring, though that’s an aged quote from his 2013 Rolling Stone interview. He said, “I’m kicking 50 right adult a ass. we can’t contend that I’d wish to be doing this for another 10 years.” Don’t be fooled. Johnny’s not timid anytime soon. It costs a lot of income to dress as shabbily as he does. Private islands are costly to say too.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

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