Johnny Depp doesn’t review his possess press: ‘I cite to sojourn ignorant’

Johnny Depp doesn’t review his possess press: ‘I cite to sojourn ignorant’


Johnny Depp

Perhaps we spoke too soon. Johnny Depp’s been looking unequivocally good during his revisit to Bejing. This revisit coincided with an old-school Johnny photoshoot and interview. we fell for all of it. When Johnny showed adult to yesterday’s Transcendence premiere, a spell was broken. He unexpected looks accurately as he has seemed for a past year — a 50-year-old actor essay to demeanour hip and musty in a midst of a mid-life crisis.

I’ll give Johnny this much. He’s always friendly to his fans. The Wall Street Journal covered a Bejing press conference. Some fans endured a 16-hour sight float to see Johnny, and he obliged. He also kissed a small plunder by complimenting “the turn of art, a eons of culture” in Chinda. He added, “I could live here easily. It’s a comfortable experience.” Too bad it’s no longer Johnny’s preference where he lives, right?

Johnny also told a assembly that he refuses to watch his possess movies: “I stopped that a prolonged time ago.” That fact isn’t new, though his refusal to review his possess press is rather defiant: “I cite to sojourn ignorant.” Do we hear that? Johnny doesn’t hear we making fun of his mangagement ring. Johnny does not care.

I do consternation where Amber Heard is during this tour. She’s substantially sharpened a movie, though Johnny gave adult all to attend her premiere final month. we theory we know who wears a pants in this relationship. And we also know (thanks to many of you) who wears a mom jeans.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

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