Jennifer Aniston refuses to revisit Japan until they stop dolphin sport (update)

Jennifer Aniston refuses to revisit Japan until they stop dolphin sport (update)



Did we know Jennifer Aniston is unequivocally endangered about dolphins? we did not. Radar claims that Jennifer feels sexually about dolphins, so most so that she flat-out refuses to transport to Japan since of Japan’s “dolphin sport practices.” Come to consider of it… she never goes to Japan to foster her movies, does she? And we only suspicion that she never did Asian tours because…? Well, we theory I’ve never suspicion about.

Sushi fan Jennifer Aniston won’t be enjoying palm rolls in Tokyo any time soon. Radar has schooled that notwithstanding general star Aniston’s recognition in Japan, a singer refuses to set feet in a nation since of a dolphin sport practices.

“Jen travels a universe to foster her films, yet there’s a clever difference … and that’s going to Japan,” a well-placed source in Jennifer’s stay said. ”She doesn’t concede herself to be contractually compulsory to transport to Japan since of that country’s policies toward fishing and privately a diagnosis of dolphins.”

Aniston’s fans are mostly unknowingly of how critical animal rights issues are to a former Friends star. After saying a 2009 documentary The Cove, that unprotected vicious dolphin sport practices in Japan, Aniston financially upheld a substructure behind it, says a source, and even seemed in a dolphin-friendly PSA.

Says a source, “She has vowed not to go to Japan until a country’s policies change.”

Meanwhile, Aniston’s longtime opposition Angelina Jolie and ex-husband, Brad Pitt have no such qualms about transport to a Land of a Rising Sun.

“Of march Angelina likes animals, yet she also loves a people of Asia,” a source explains. “After all, dual of her adopted children are from a region. She is constantly roving to Japan on vacation or to foster her movies.”

[From Radar]

Thanks for underlining that point, “source”! Compassionate, animal-loving Jennifer takes a dignified high belligerent while money-grubbing Angelina hates dolphins so most that she promotes her films in Japan all a time! Uncool Bermuda Triangle 4 Eva. Seriously, though, we consider it’s engaging that Jennifer feels so strongly about this issue, only since we didn’t know she cared. The dolphin conditions is terrible and we consider when many people hear about how awful it is in Japan with a dolphin hunts, they turn angry and disgusted. Aniston also took partial in a PSA.

Update: Aniston’s repute has denied that she will not transport to Japan to foster her films. He called this story a “complete fabrication.”


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