Is Chris Evans going to be transposed as Captain America after a...

Is Chris Evans going to be transposed as Captain America after a 2nd movie?


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Here are a new Empire covers featuring Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson for Captain America 2! I’ve been prickly to post these photos and couldn’t find an forgive until now. we theory we should discuss Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier over on a left. Comic book aficionados would substantially slap me for mentioning that impression so casually. To me though, this array is all about Chris and a fidgety, fish-out-of-water impression that fits Chris’ possess appearance perfectly. As an actor (and a person), Chris carries a right volume of existential dread to promulgate Cap’s conflicted perspectives.

The supplement has headed into late reshoots with two weeks in January on a schedule. Reshoots are flattering standard for large blockbusters these days. It sounds like difficulty on a aspect to hear about reshoots, though we consider a internet news cycle usually creates us some-more wakeful that they happen. Whereas with a outrageous plan like Ben Hur, no one knew anything about production. The assembly usually showed adult when a film arrived in theaters.

Nonetheless, people are starting to consternation if there is difficulty on a set. Perhaps Chris Evans isn’t so easy to work with as a “whiny small bitch” (his words). Now rumors (and these are usually rumors) advise that Chris’ Cap impression is set to be killed off in possibly Cap 2 or Avengers: Age of Ultron. Maybe this is usually broadside to advise that a Winter Solder will take adult a Cap shield. Or maybe Chris Evans is unequivocally a goner for Marvel.

This seems like PR work, honestly. we don’t consider Marvel would be reticent adequate to reinstate Chris Evans as a face of Captain America. More importantly, we don’t consider Marvel is peaceful to reinstate Evans as a Cap Ass. God, we wish they keep Chris Evans around for a full Cap run. Not usually since he’d have a full meltdown if he mislaid a job. He’s a unequivocally engaging interview, we know? He creates a broadside shell fun.

If we haven’t seen it already, here’s a trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier featuring lots of Evans plunder shots:

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