Is Chelsea Handler unequivocally a contender to reinstate Craig Ferguson on CBS?

Is Chelsea Handler unequivocally a contender to reinstate Craig Ferguson on CBS?


Chelsea Handler tweeted this ^^ on Monday. Look during a print closely. Note what she’s holding in her left hand. See a CBS “Eye”? Chelsea wants we to see that. She wants we to know that she has options. She wants we to know that even yet she pimped herself to all a trade papers as a probable claimant to reinstate David Letterman, usually to be rebuffed fast when Stephen Colbert was named within a week, she wants we to know that she’s still adult for bigger and improved things. She wants we to know that she’s still articulate to CBS. She wants we to know that she’s going network. How? How is it probable for a lady with Chelsea’s story to still be adult for a intensity network job? we don’t even know. But she is. She’s being discussed as a vital contender to take over from Craig Ferguson. At slightest according to Chelsea:

The late night diversion of low-pitched chairs is about to finish — and David Letterman’s one-time protégé looks like he’ll be a one though a seat. CBS’ “Late Late Show” horde Craig Ferguson has mislaid his champion — Letterman himself — and faces an capricious future.

“He’s not accurately in a driver’s chair when it comes down to negotiating (a new deal),” a source tighten to Ferguson told The News.

Ferguson is not expected to be behind when his stream agreement expires in Jun 2015, sources said. But that agreement has a proviso that pays him as many as $10 million if he did not get Letterman’s pursuit when a mythological comic retired. This week, he schooled he didn’t get a gig — it went to Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert. Executives during a network pronounced Ferguson wasn’t even deliberate to reinstate Letterman since a concentration of his speak uncover is “too narrow.” They are also unhappy that it never became a ratings smash.

Ferguson’s uncover is partial of a singular understanding Letterman worked out with CBS shortly after he started during “The Late Show” in 1993 when a network was unfortunate to negotiate a long-term prolongation with a gap-toothed funnyman. In what has been described as one of a many artistic deals in television, CBS gave Letterman and his prolongation company, Worldwide Pants, control of a 12:30 a.m. container following “The Late Show.” With Letterman out of a design subsequent year, Ferguson is negotiating with CBS instead of Letterman’s prolongation association as he has in a past. And CBS isn’t negotiating back.

Instead, a network is articulate to Chelsea Handler, a horde of “Chelsea Lately” on E!, sources said.

[From The NYDN]

If you’re revelation me that Craig Ferguson is out, so be it. we never watch The Late Late Show anyway, nonetheless we do see a peculiar shave here and there and he seems like a ideally good late uncover host. But I’ll buy that he’s on a approach out, and if so, we wish him luck.

As for Chelsea… we feel like this is only a blatant repeat of what happened only after Letterman announced his retirement. Chelsea unequivocally did go to all a trade papers to make certain that she done everyone’s brief list for replacements. we kind of consider that’s because CBS announced Colbert so fast – they didn’t wish Chelsea and her large mouth winning any some-more news cycles. So, is she unequivocally in talks to reinstate Ferguson?

Chelsea Handler is not in a using for a 12:35 a.m. time slot, so says CBS. The stream horde of E! late-night talker Chelsea Lately posted an Instagram print Monday of her with a parcel of papers, one of that prominently featured a CBS logo, alluding to a fact that she was in a marketplace for a new plan during a promote network.

But CBS isn’t charity many discernment into Handler’s mysterious post. After reports flush that Handler could be a inheritor to Craig Ferguson during a Late Late Show, a network released an central matter per a matter.

“There are no discussions with Chelsea Handler per a network’s 12:30 late-night broadcast,” a CBS orator pronounced in a matter to The Hollywood Reporter. “Her assembly with CBS yesterday was a ubiquitous assembly with a syndication group.”

Following a proclamation that Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert would attain David Letterman during a Late Show roost in 2015, CBS Entertainment authority Nina Tassler addressed a pale destiny of a 12:35 a.m. time period, that now houses Ferguson’s Late Late Show. (Ferguson’s agreement expires during a finish of a year.)

“Craig is a 12:30 guy,” Tassler told THR. “We’ve been focused so earnestly on 11:30. We’re traffic with one hour of late-night during a time. We’ll have conversations about 12:30 unequivocally shortly. But a initial sequence of business was to seaside adult 11:30.”

[From THR]

I feel like CBS is still being cagey, though we also consider it’s kind of humorous that someone over there unequivocally wants to close down a Handler conjecture completely. It would have been improved if it was a named source, though still, it looks bad for Chelsea generally after all of her hustling. we wish all of a networks follow fit too – demeanour during her story of injustice and sparse grudges, demeanour during her story of bad-mouthing her employers. Do not give this lady a platform.


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