“Hilary Duff spends time with her son following her separation” links

“Hilary Duff spends time with her son following her separation” links


“Hilary Duff spends time with her son following her separation” links


Hilary Duff stepped out with her son Luca after her subdivision proclamation from father Mike Comrie. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
NeNe Leakes’ boots are… interesting. [Reality Tea]
Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s is a “fun fact” according to E! News. [Evil Beet]
Rachel Bilson’s tedious outfit lovable blowout. [Popoholic]
ENTY analyzes a Octomom situation. [CDAN]
Christina Ricci fits inside unequivocally tiny spaces. [ICYDK]
Emily Blunt has a lovable tiny bump. [Celebslam]
Sir Ian McKellan protests Russia’s happy rights record. [Jezebel]
I unequivocally wish a Edith Windsor quote tote. [The Frisky]
I don’t unequivocally get since this story is everywhere. [Bossip]
Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show promos are cutesy. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore lists his favorite songs of all time. [OMG Blog]
Sofia Vergara danced like crazy during a Globes after-parties. [Life Style]
Is this Conan O’Brien’s tip son? [Limelife]



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25 Responses to ““Hilary Duff spends time with her son following her separation” links”



    1. Lopusta says:

      Wow she looks like Kim K.. Chick needs to stop a mouth injection!!!!

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    2. tifzlan says:

      It disturbs me that a media is labeling a 2-year-old child a “thug.” HE IS A CHILD. It’s not his error he was innate into an insane family. Instead of ostracizing and insulting him, we should convene behind a child and retreat this duty while it’s still probable to do so.

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      • Kelly says:

        wth, since is he a “thug”????

        lol during a media today….

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      • MollyB says:

        I don’t consider “the media” started labeling him as a thug. The “thug” thing (which is awful) started after a internal military dialect showed a video of a child being speedy to swear to a staff as an instance of how “thug culture” is upheld down from primogenitor to child within communities. The military dialect afterwards got a lot of (warranted) critique for a extremist implications of regulating a tiny child as an instance of “thug culture”. So that’s since a word “thug” keeps removing related to media stories of that child.

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      • Kelly says:

        I usually satisfied you’re all referring to a apart story, not Hilary Duff’s son!
        LOL, my bad

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      • The Girl Who Would Be King Of The Popes says:

        I didn’t watch a video though we review a story a few days ago and found out that they didn’t fuzz a kid’s face or a face of his sixteen-year-old mother. Thing is, they’re totally perpetuating that cycle–that child’s grandmother is 38. And it’s going to sound cynical, though yeah, of march incidents like this are going to be circled around to play into white fear of ‘hard’ black people, so since supplement grist to that mill? That child has been shot though his juvenile family substantially thinks we have to tough to be a male and severe to be a black man, so they give ‘respectable’ people provender for their prejudices. I’ll gamble a lot of people are personally amatory this (they didn’t worry to disguise a temperament of a kids), though hell, this is prosaic out BAD parenting. From what we read, that baby knows his name and how to curse. He’s been shot, she’s unfit, what can we say?

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    3. MelissaMelissa says:

      Do a many reports about immature people removing married too early reason true? Maybe they do.

      Hilary Duff has some-more resources than many (worth approximately 25 million), she should be means to means anything she wants: a best divorce attorney, privacy, best caring for her son, ect. She positively won’t be one of those mothers who unfortunately have to lift a child alone though most support.

      I’m certain a matrimony retraction hurts a integrate involved, though it has always harm me some-more when we review about a immature integrate bursting up. Three years sound like such a brief time generally given a days seem to fly by.

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    4. kibbles says:

      A lot of commenters likely Hillary Duff would have a high fitness of divorce, and they were right: http://www.celebitchy.com/113072/hilary_duffs_dream_wedding_in_ok_magazine/

      It was intelligent that they got a prenup. I’m certain their families had urged them to do so since they got married so young. Those who are untaught and marry immature have a aloft contingency of divorce as one chairman remarkable in a 2010 matrimony post.

      They are both abounding and immature so I’m certain they will find someone new unequivocally soon.

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    5. Tiffany says:

      Did anyone review what David O. Russell said. It is a consistent sign since we will perpetually be a Clooney fan.

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    6. mimi says:

      That’s too bad their matrimony didn’t last. Their child is darling and both seem like loving, caring relatives to him who are perplexing unequivocally tough to make a divorce transition as well-spoken as probable for his sake. we wish them a best of luck. we always favourite Hilary and suspicion she was essential and mature over her years.

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    7. Rhiley says:

      I don’t preference possibly one of my biological relatives as most as a child who looks like Conan favors him. we haven’t watched a video since of, well, work, though he looks accurately like him.

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    8. atorontogal says:

      How aged were they when they got married? How immature is too immature to get married? Most people we know married out of college. Around a age of 21/22 and 30 peculiar years after still married and happy.
      Perhaps a emanate is that there is some-more income than smarts out in Hollyweird, and frequency any of them can means a relationship.
      Honestly, we never see him out with his son, usually her.

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      • tifzlan says:

        You know, now that you’ve mentioned it, i’ve never even seen him out and about with HER. Or all of them out and about together as a family.

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    9. Meggin says:

      Meh. The child is lovable though she always angry me. Even behind when she was on Lizzie McGuire and we was like 12 we found her irritating lol.

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    10. Vampi says:

      I played a Lizzie video diversion on GBA. It was my kid’s…but still. *headdesk*

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    11. Nance says:

      Christina Ricci legs are unequivocally skinny.

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