Henry Rollins slams Miley & Daft Punk, tells Rolling Stone they suck:...

Henry Rollins slams Miley & Daft Punk, tells Rolling Stone they suck: humorous or rude?


Henry Rollins

I adore Henry Rollins. Can we trust I’m essay about Henry Rollins in a report context? This post could go over like a lead-filled balloon, though it’s Christmas Eve, and we consider a universe needs a small Henry. He’s so silver-foxy (he’s 52!) and intelligent. we competence not always determine with all he says, though we like a approach he says it. Henry Rollins would substantially tremble if he took a time to google himself and saw me purgation over his ardent nonetheless expressive ways. we was one of many girls in Tulsa who swooned during his oral word debate in 2008. We all waited by his debate train after a show, though he never materialized. we don’t censure him. Groupies are crazy.

Henry’s a bustling guy. He’s been hosting a radio uncover on KCRW and doing some things for a History Channel. Plus he only wrapped a movie where he plays a unhappy cannibal. The film sounds awful, though we know, it’s Henry. He recently sat down with Rolling Stone to speak about how most song sucks these days. By extension, he tells Rolling Stone they siphon too. The journo takes it flattering well:

Does he compensate pleasantness to new music? “Absolutely. we can’t keep adult with all a annals we buy. we get letters, like, ‘Dude, song sucks now.’ Not on my show, not on my stereo. we finally, forensically listened to a new David Bowie record. we put in a span of good earphones and unequivocally sat down with that record on a day off. It’s approach improved than we suspicion it was a initial time around. we don’t know since he uses those clumsy studio drummers for everything, though a songs are flattering extraordinary lyrically and there’s a lot of good subsidy vocals and some unequivocally intelligent overdubs. It took me a prolonged time to get into complicated David Bowie. we was such a fan. we got adult unequivocally early this morning and listened to Station to Station and only went aw. Those records, those Bowie annals to me are only about as good as a record can get.”

What does Henry consider of Daft Punk or “Blurred Lines”? “I’ve never listened Daft Punk; I’ve never listened a lane of theirs in my life. They’re a dual guys with motorcycle helmets on? You know what, we will take this any approach we will. That to me is like Rolling Stone music. It’s a sh-t that’s in your magazine. And it’s like, that universe … I’m so blissful that we all have found your people, though that universe is so alienating to me. Anything that gets on a Grammys or a American Music Awards … like, was Miley Cyrus on a cover of your magazine? Yeah, see, we like genuine music. John Coltrane’s my favorite musician, what am we doing reading Rolling Stone? You know what we mean?”

Henry doesn’t “give a sh-t” about Miley: “I don’t. She’s partial of that bigger universe of song we was only articulate about. All of it to me is like, prolonged competence it wave, we don’t have anything opposite anyone doing their thing, though it’s only not for me. And Robin Thicke, is that a guy? we have no thought what he sounds like. I’ve never listened Kelly Clarkson, we just, we live in a opposite low-pitched world.”

On a 2013 Black Flag drama: “I know what we read. The Flag guys, they’re doing their thing we guess. Kids were essay me, ‘Hey, we can’t wait to see we subsequent week in Brisbane.’ we wrote them behind like, ‘I’m not gonna be there, I’m in Toronto.’ And they went, ‘Oh, you’re not in a band?’ I’m like ‘absolutely not.’ [They were] saying, ‘Wow, a place was kinda half full and 30 mins of a set, it was a entertain full, people were using out indignant that they’re never gonna get that 30 bucks back.’ And so I’ve seen conjunction entity, Black Flag or Flag. I’m not meddlesome in a past unless it’s a rerelease of a record; I’m not meddlesome in my possess past that much. But I’ve listened that a Flag thing is flattering powerful. I’ve never seen it, though we know some people whose opinions we honour who went. And they pronounced it was solid. It is what it is: group in their 50s personification 30-year-old music. But as distant as a gracious of all of it, what’s going on with all of those people, we stayed good divided from it. I’m looking brazen to 2014 and what will come.”

[From Rolling Stone]

Is Henry totally bold in this interview, or is this kind of funny? I’m shouting since of march he’s right about Miley. Her talk for Rolling Stone competence have delivered many vast gems, though a cover was cringeworthy. Daft Punk is really good liked, though maybe Henry bristles during a “punk” partial of their name. He’s never listened them, and he assumes they’re bland. Oh well. Henry’s not blank anything. we haven’t been means to get into Daft Punk during all. They seem like cold guys. we should like them. It only hasn’t happened.

As for Henry revelation a repository they suck, good … he’s correct. Rolling Stone used to be a critical journalistic endeavor, and now they’re copy whatever a mainstream dictates. Henry is being kind of bold by job out an RS journo in an RS interview, though it’s Henry freaking Rollins. The dude has warranted a few allowances in a song business. Plus he’s got an disintegrating repute (as a softie) to maintain.

About that Black Flag drama: There was a large disaster this year where several Black Flag members were fighting over a band’s trademark, and one of them (Greg Ginn) attempted to lift off a “reunion tour” all by his lonesome. Ginn unsuccessfully sued Henry and other former members of a band. we get a sense that Henry is really beholden for his common punk beginnings, though he’s got so most other things going on now, so since dwell on it.

Meanwhile, Hank only keeps removing improved and improved with age.

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins

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