‘Gone Girl’ stars Ben Affleck & Rosamund Pike cover EW: extraordinary &...

‘Gone Girl’ stars Ben Affleck & Rosamund Pike cover EW: extraordinary & creepy?



Ooooooh. This is interesting. Last week (I think?) a studio expelled a initial prolongation still from Gone Girl, and now David Fincher has expelled this promotional print for a cover of Entertainment Weekly. As we know, we favourite Gone Girl. It freaked me out, and we favourite how it played with viewpoint and how fast a tables were turned. we was also vehement when David Fincher sealed on to direct, and when Rosamund Pike was cast as “Amazing Amy”. Pike has a ideal kind of icy beauty indispensable to lift this off, and this purpose could unequivocally put her on a map as a lead actress. However, we was unhappy with Ben Affleck’s casting as Nick. He’s not a right earthy form and we felt that it was unequivocally critical that we see that Nick is everybody’s “kid brother” and that he’s younger than his wife. Ben Affleck isn’t that guy.

But! we do like this EW image. It’s striking, and we like how Rosamund/Amy looks solidified rather than dead. She’s creepy, and Ben is doing a good “cloying” look. Maybe this will work. We’ll see. we can’t wait to see Emily Ratajkowski as a mistress though. we wish to see some prolongation stills of THAT.

When Entertainment Weekly approached Twentieth Century Fox about removing an disdainful inside demeanour during a creation of Gone Girl, an instrumentation of Gillian Flynn’s 2012 pound best-selling novel due in theaters Oct. 3, a studio came behind with a startling reply: Director David Fincher was gift to fire a cover himself. Not being crazy adequate to spin down a Oscar-nominated provocateur who destined The Social Network, we pronounced yes.

Fincher dreamed adult a image, that facilities Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne twisted around his wife, Amy, played by Rosamund Pike. The outcome is an unsettling mural of adore left demented.

Gone Girl autopsies a matrimony of Nick and Amy, dual out-of-work repository writers whose marital tranquillity turns poisonous after they leave New York City for a Midwest. When Amy vanishes on their fifth marriage anniversary, Nick becomes a primary think in her murder — though, technically, it’s misleading if she indeed has been murdered. Maybe she’s only been kidnapped? And maybe Nick had zero to do with it?

For his part, Fincher stays unapologetic about his welfare for radical characters. “I don’t know what ‘likable’ is. we know people who are doting parents, who give to charity, expostulate Priuses, all those things, who are intolerable a- -holes,” he says. “I like people who get s - - - done.”

Even if you’ve already review a novel, we competence still be astounded by a movie’s bend balls. Fincher says that a doctrine he schooled from bringing Stieg Larsson’s strike novel The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo to a shade in 2011 was that “we competence have been too gratified to a source material.”

And Flynn, a former EW author who wrote a screenplay, wasn’t fearful to take a buzzsaw to her possess novel. “There was something stirring about holding this square of work that I’d spent about dual years painstakingly putting together with all a 8 million LEGO pieces and take a produce to it and whack it detached and summon it into a movie,” she says.

[From Entertainment Weekly]

Obviously, some tools of a book will be totally mislaid for a film. we can’t suppose that they’ll be means to do most with Amy’s diary for a film, though we could see how a voiceover competence be deftly employed in a singular way. Oh, and we keep forgetting: Neil Patrick Harris plays Amy’s creepy ex-boyfriend. THAT will be extraordinary too. Basically, we adore all of a casting solely for Affleck. Will a lead actor be a diseased link? Or should we give Batfleck a chance?


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