French Trailer for Mia Hansen-Løve’s Film ‘Maya’ Set Mostly in India

French Trailer for Mia Hansen-Løve’s Film ‘Maya’ Set Mostly in India


French Trailer for Mia Hansen-Løve’s Film ‘Maya’ Set Mostly in India

November 9, 2018
Source: YouTube

Maya Trailer

“What are we doing in Goa?” Les Films du Losange has suggested a initial central trailer for a indie play Maya, a latest film done by acclaimed French filmmaker Mia Hansen-Løve (of Father of My Children, Goodbye First Love, Eden). This film is mostly in English, as it’s about a French fight publisher who creates it home after being hold serf in Syria. He travels to Goa, India where he meets an intelligent immature lady and spends time perplexing to recover. Roman Kolinka stars as a French man, and Aarshi Banerjee stars as Maya, with a tiny expel including Suzan Anbeh, Judith Chemla, Anjali Khurana, and Pathy Aiyar. we saw this during a Toronto Film Festival where it premiered (read my full review), and it’s a bit low key, though still contains all a uplifting, honest emotions that make Mia Hansen-Løve’s films so wonderful. See below.

Here’s a initial central French trailer for Mia Hansen-Løve’s Maya, approach from YouTube (via TFS):

Maya Film

Gabriel is a 30-year-old fight match whose kick is a Middle East. Recently taken warrant while on a pursuit in Syria and afterwards released, he believes he might be pang from post-traumatic highlight disorder. On a recommendation of a psychiatrist, he travels to India to revisit his godfather. There, he encounters Maya, his godfather’s college-aged daughter, and a attribute gradually starts to stir, notwithstanding a decade or so between them. As Gabriel solemnly adjusts to reserve and multitude in India, he also reintegrates into normal life — and behind into tools of his past that resurface during his trip. Maya is both created and destined by gifted French filmmaker Mia Hansen-Løve, creator of a films All Is Forgiven, Father of My Children, Goodbye First Love, Eden, and Things to Come previously. This premiered during a Toronto Film Festival this fall, and also played during a London Film Festival. Mia Hansen-Løve’s Maya will open in theaters in France starting this December, though still has no other recover dates set yet. Stay tuned for updates. First impression?

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