“Everyone needs to review Chris Kluwe’s Deadspin essay” links

“Everyone needs to review Chris Kluwe’s Deadspin essay” links


“Everyone needs to examination Chris Kluwe’s Deadspin essay” links


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30 Responses to ““Everyone needs to examination Chris Kluwe’s Deadspin essay” links”



    1. The Original Mia says:

      Chris Kluwe is a man. He needs to keep on vocalization his mind. we wish there was a group out there that would give him a job. Stop profitable mouth use to LGBT and mount for something. Like he said, though, it substantially won’t happen.

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      • Zan says:

        What Chris upheld was admirable. However, a approach Chris upheld LBGT issues was a harm to a summary of acceptance. Here is an instance of a form of open letters Chris wrote: http://deadspin.com/5941348/they-wont-magically-turn-you-into-a-lustful-cockmonster-chris-kluwe-explains-gay-marriage-to-the-politician-who-is-offended-by-an-nfl-player-supporting-it, The language/cursing/expletives will bake anyone’s ears. Notably, he ends a explanation with these words: ‘I know of no other NFL actor who has finished what Mr. Ayanbadejo is doing” and force it in your close-minded, totally lacking in consolation piehole and throttle on it. A**hole’.

        Further investigate suggests that, in a begging, nonetheless a Vikings authorised Chris to share his views, a Vikings were perplexing to get Chris to share his views in a some-more deferential manner. Unfortunately, Chris did not listed to their advice. In a end, a accord was competence as good reinstate him with a cheaper actor who will follow their advice.

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        • Kim1 says:

          GMAB that was ONE minute to a politician who has finished many horrible comments notwithstanding being a apportion .Chris wrote dozens of letters,gave dozens of speeches and dozens if not hundreds of interviews after he wrote that open letter.That is not a loyal thoughtfulness of him IMO

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        • madchen says:

          The Vikings are frequency a deferential bunch. Your notice that a bar is so off-hand that they couldn’t presumably endure some tainted denunciation is laughable. The joining is abundant with homophobes. A actor that’s even viewed as happy or reduction than virile in joining terms is firm for horrible hazing. The conditions creates it unfit for players who are indeed happy to safely come out. Kluwe creates stream points and they indispensable to be finished loudly.

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    2. MonicaQ says:

      Anyone that watches football knows that Kluwe doesn’t have a pursuit given of his activism. And any inner interviews are going to spin adult zero given no one will talk. Of march a manager is denying it too given that’s what they do.

      Notice how Adrian Peterson pronounced he’s, “not down with happy marriage” yet he’s flattering many remained unscathed. He was MVP final year, 9 yards brief of a rushing record and a entirety of a Vikings offense. What are they going to do to him? But that punter…we can always get punters.

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      • Payton says:

        Wait, afterwards given did a Raiders pointer him roughly immediately after a Vikings cut him? Oakland usually cut him after a younger and improved punter kick him out for a pursuit (which Kluwe certified to himself). Kluwe afterwards got a garland of tryouts with other NFL teams, that didn’t vessel out for him. Why would he get a tryouts in a initial place if no group wanted anything to do with him?

        The new Vikings punter, Jeff Locke, put adult allied numbers to Kluwe and his income is about 25 percent of what Kluwe’s was. THAT’S given Kluwe was cut – he was costly and there were copiousness of younger, cheaper punters available.

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        • CF98 says:

          Yeah humorous how that’s never brought adult I’m not observant that he’s fibbing about a Vikings he could unequivocally good be revelation a law yet he’s entrance opposite some-more as discontented worker than happy rights activist. If this was such an emanate with him to a indicate he couldn’t work there anymore he should’ve taken it adult with a NFLPA

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        • Bridgett says:

          There’s a integrate of things thay advise that it was indeed personal:
          1. Kluwe is indeed scold in that he was in fact a all-time best MN punter
          2. The Vikings privately drafted a punter to reinstate him – with a 5th turn pick, that is totally absurd. They indispensable that collect to fill countless other holes in their roster, and instead used it for a position that they had formally filled.
          3. It’s not like a NFL is a citadel of toleration toward a LGBT community. Just demeanour during how Aaron Rodgers only had to make a matter about how many he likes women given a rumors about his personal march were starting adult again, righ before a start of a solemnly offered playoff game.

          There are substantially a series of reasons Kluwe is finished in a NFL (veteran’s smallest income being one of them) and his outspoken activism is many unequivocally one of those reasons. For what it’s worth, he is an glorious punter and SHOULD have been signed.

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        • Payton says:


          1. Cris Carter is Minnesota’s all-time best WR. Why did a Vikings ever let him go? Players’ skills lessen with age – Kluwe’s no exception.
          2. Absurd according to whom? Chris Kluwe?
          3. This doesn’t infer that Kluwe was cut for his activism during all. Veteran players get cut all a time in a NFL.

          And he is NOT an glorious punter (and this is entrance from lifelong Vikings fan). Even in his prime, he was a middle-of-the-pack punter who never finished a Pro Bowl. The Raiders punter who kick Kluwe for a starting pursuit this deteriorate was sepulchral it a full 7 yards serve than him.

          Bottom line: costly and past-your-prime is not a good mixed for an NFL player. All a ax-grinding and bridge-burning in a universe won’t change that reality.

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        • Bridgett says:

          All-time best on your group can be referred to as an glorious punter. And a WR and a punter are 2 unequivocally opposite positions – a Vikings have an awful lot of needs to fill, and they used a breeze collect on a position they could have unequivocally simply picked someone up, many expected totally undrafted.

          Lets get real. Kluwe is an anomaly: an outspoken disciple for happy rights in one of a comprehensive many homophobic professions inour country. A contention where a locker room, soldier enlightenment is prized. It is positively within reason that Kluwe’s activism was a cause in his release.

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    3. lucy2 says:

      I examination that yesterday. The owners of a group needs to lay down a law and purify house, that arrange of prejudice should not be allowed, generally in a workplace. Though pro sports are so driven by $, we doubt that would happen.
      There competence be other factors contributing to his recover too, yet maybe finale his football career will open a new doorway for him. we give him a lot of credit for station adult for equivalence in that environment.

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    4. Dawn says:

      I examination it and have to contend that we trust him 100 percent and also trust that this is given happy players will not come out while active in a NFL. The guy’s players are now entrance to their manager invulnerability yet we consider it’s a small too late for that. we unequivocally loathing that this manager thinks of himself as a Christian while he spouts his prejudice and thinks he has a right to tell Chris that he will be roasting in ruin a prolonged side a gays. we doubt anything will come of it even yet MN does concede happy matrimony there are still lots of eremite souls who trust that it is fine to be a extremist as prolonged as they consider a Bible or a Koran or whatever else they can come adult will behind them up.

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    5. Suze says:

      It’s unequivocally an critical square to read. we do wish someone had edited it down a small bit given we consider it’s a tad prolonged – and given it tackles critical issues, I’d loathing for people to bail on it median through.

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      • Mich says:

        This apportionment flattering many says it all:

        “Near a finish of November, several teammates and we were walking into a dilettante assembly with Coach Priefer. We were shouting over one of a new articles we had created ancillary same-sex matrimony rights, and one of my teammates finished a joking acknowledgement about me heading a Pride parade. As we sat down in a chairs, Mike Priefer, in one of a meanest voices we can ever remember hearing, said: “We should turn adult all a gays, send them to an island, and afterwards nuke it until it glows.” The room grew greatly quiet, and nothing of a players pronounced a word for a rest of a meeting. The atmosphere was decidedly tense. we had never had an communication that antagonistic with any of my teammates on this issue—some didn’t determine with me, yet a conversations were always polite and respectful. Afterward, several told me that what Mike Priefer had pronounced was “messed up.”

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    6. Reece says:

      Weren’t a Vikings a TEAM that hired yachts full of prostitutes for a players? I’d design no improved from government like that. Sickening.

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      • CF98 says:

        To be satisfactory that was underneath opposite tenure so we don’t get how a stream regime should be blamed for something that happened scarcely 10 years ago.

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      • Dawn says:

        No some guys hired a boat, a celebration vessel yet not as large as a Yacht and they went out on Lake Minnetonka to party. Now this vessel has a kitchen and of march many of a kitchen staff were high propagandize kids and approbation these male did sinecure hookers from Atlanta to come adult to Minnesota and celebration with them. But that was prolonged ago and nothing of a players concerned are with a Vikings. But each group has their players who drink, drug and sinecure hookers. Heck some even get wrapped adult in murder plots. Some we hear about yet many we don’t. That is a energy of a NFL and money.

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    7. Dreamyk says:

      Kluwe is right. He was vital his coaches truth of being a good male by doing a right thing. And mislaid his pursuit given of it.

      He WAS dismissed by dual cowards and a bigot. we wish this mark sears them essence low and they never, ever have to stop responding for their hatefulness. Kluwe has some-more bravery in his small pinky spike than those 3 combined.

      I opinion for Kluwe to be King Rex during Mardi Gras! Laissez les bon temps rouler!!

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    8. Jayna says:

      What a good guy.

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    9. Kim1 says:

      Prefier hasn’t denied creation criticism yet he did lift the”I have happy family members” card

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    10. G. says:

      I’m from MN and we adore Kluwe. However, he was autocratic a high paycheck and them replacing him with someone cheaper was imminent. we don’t doubt what he’s pronounced played into that, though, and we don’t consider that’s fair. The people of my state as a whole are flattering usurpation yet that doesn’t meant prejudice doesn’t still happen. we wish it wasn’t like this yet it’s not surprise.

      It was fun saying him during Pride though. Hopefully he comes behind for it.

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    11. qtpi says:

      So ridiculous. We (MN) finished adult flitting Gay Marriage not prolonged after this and it was NO BIG DEAL. People are so used to during this indicate that is unequivocally didn’t make many news during a time. It was ratified and in outcome by a time a subsequent deteriorate started.

      I can know a Vikings not wanting to occupy a male that creates a lot of news – yet his diagnosis and a comments finished by staff are dirty and disgusting. This is given we have happy teenagers unresolved themselves in their bedroom closet. Really wish people could pierce on from their “problems” with happy people.

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    12. Tiffany says:

      What have we schooled in 2013. Say a many vile, outrageous things about tellurian beings , all is right in a universe and my initial amendment rights are in violation. Become a voice to strengthen pronounced beings can lead to gibe and unemployment. Got it.

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    13. Kimble says:

      The NFL is institutionally homophobic – not only The Vikings.

      Cluwe will find other practice given he talks and writes as if he indeed went to college and sat in on his classes!

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    14. Hautie says:

      You know we adore reading things on Deadspin. There is always something positively off a wall there to examination daily. Now postulated it is a site that is geared towards a men… they have some humorous writers. And they do not reason behind their feelings on covering sports.

      But they do stupid things too… and this one only had me rolling. And it is not for a gloomy of heart.

      It is a follow adult comments from a readers… that burst me up.

      I spent my high propagandize years, operative in a Radiology dept. on a weekends during a internal hospital. And a ER was subsequent doorway to a X-Ray dept. And we saw things that no teenage lady should know about. Much reduction seen in person. Yet, after all these years… we see that people still have not stop fixation unfamiliar objects in pointless physique orifices.

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    15. jane16 says:

      Loved Kluwes essay.

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    16. cr says:

      “The Vikings have called in former Chief Justice of Minnesota Supreme Court Eric Magnuson and former U.S. Department of Justice Trial Attorney Chris Madel to lead a examination into former punter Chris Kluwe’s allegations expelled on Thursday.

      “It is intensely critical for a Vikings classification to conflict immediately and comprehensively with an eccentric examination of these allegations,” pronounced Vikings Owner Mark Wilf in a press release.

      Madel led a high-profile examination of a Fiesta Bowl cabinet in Phoenix, Ariz. and has been named Minnesota Lawyer’s “Attorney of a Year” for a final 3 years.

      The examination is already underway and will embody interviews with stream and former members of a Vikings organization….”


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