Chris Pine got a DUI in New Zealand after celebration drink during...

Chris Pine got a DUI in New Zealand after celebration drink during a film wrap-party



I infrequently consternation if Chris Pine is a bigger partier than many of us would think. He doesn’t seem to be a unchanging during all of a “hip” LA spots, though we do get mix photos of him entrance out of clubs sometimes, customarily for premiere after-parties and celebrations of that short. Maybe he’s an clandestine partier. That was my suspicion when we schooled that Pine has gotten a DUI assign in New Zealand. Apparently, he was charged on Mar 1 and he’s due in justice today. He’s been operative on Z for Zachariah in NZ, and we theory was merrymaking tough during a hang party…?

Hollywood actor Chris Pine, famous for personification Captain Kirk in a “Star Trek” movies, has been charged with inebriated pushing in New Zealand. The 33-year-old American is due to make his initial justice coming in a box on Monday, justice officials pronounced Wednesday.

New Zealand Police pronounced in a matter that a 33-year-old American was charged Mar 1 with pushing with a blood-alcohol turn over a authorised limit, that in New Zealand is .08 percent. Police did not name a man, though pronounced he was stopped during a slight early-morning check nearby a South Island city of Methven.

Pine’s representative and publicist could not be reached immediately Wednesday for comment.

Pine has been in New Zealand filming a film “Z for Zachariah,” that is due for recover subsequent year. Much of a filming has taken place on a South Island’s lifelike Banks Peninsula.

Casey Crawford, manager of a Blue Pub, a Methven bar, told Christchurch journal The Press that Pine was attending a jubilee during a bar on a night of Feb. 28 to symbol a finish of filming and was accompanied by his Icelandic girlfriend, Iris Bjork Johannesdottir.

Pine was celebration drink and did not seem inebriated before withdrawal during about 2:30 a.m., Crawford said, adding that Pine had thankful locals who wanted their print taken with him.

“He looked like he only wanted to spend time with his partner,” Crawford told a newspaper.

Crawford pronounced a celebration was well-controlled. “Chris was unequivocally good. They were a good crowd, a whole lot of them,” he said.

Crawford pronounced a bar offering congregation travel home. In further to personification Capt. James T. Kirk, Pine also played Jack Ryan in a film “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.”

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Over a .08 limit… for a male of Chris’s tallness and weight, we would consider that would be maybe 3 or 4 beers within dual hours? Maybe a tequila shot thrown in there too. The unhappy partial of a story is that other people offering to expostulate him home (which we suppose would have been behind to his hotel). we do consternation because he didn’t have a automobile and driver? Oh well. What happens in New Zealand won’t stay in NZ. I’m unhappy in him, though it creates me consternation if he’s some-more of a disaster than I’ve formerly thought.


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