Celebrity Nude Photo Case Traced to Chicago

Celebrity Nude Photo Case Traced to Chicago


The FBI investigation of the celebrity photo-hacking scandal led the officers to a home in Chicago, where they found a computer linked to about 600 hacked personal data-storage accounts, some belonging to female stars whose nude photos were leaked on the Internet a few months ago. The Federal Bureau of Investigation seized the machines and cellphones in October, but thus far no charges have been filed.

Celebrity Nude Photo Case Traced to ChicagoBack then, investigators believed an IP address for a seized computer was used to access Apple iCloud accounts of the hacked celebrities, though their names are not disclosed. Other hijacked accounts were of other stars, models and their friends and families. Some celebrities talked to the FBI – one actress learned she was a victim of the hack through the news media. All compromising photos were taken with her iPhone and sent via iMessage to her boyfriend. Another actress sent some of the pictures to her fiancé, while other leaked photos were never sent and only stored on her mobile device.

FBI confirmed that no charges have been filed. This may mean that the computer’s owner could be a victim as well, because a machine or its IP address could be hacked from anywhere in the world. This is why the security experts ask everyone to be cautious about what you put on the iCloud and to create passwords that are difficult to crack.

The raid i? question was part of an ongoing investigation of a last-year case when nude and sexually explicit photos of celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, were stolen and made publicly available without permission. That incident highlighted the vulnerabilities of cloud storage systems, which is now extremely popular for storing personal data online. At the time, Apple clarified that hackers only breached individual accounts, while general access to iCloud was safe.