Celebitchy’s tip 10 many commented stories of 2013

Celebitchy’s tip 10 many commented stories of 2013


Yesterday we lonesome a most renouned stories, by traffic, of 2013. Today we’re counting down a many commented stories. Those are mostly a many controversial, though there’s copiousness of people similar and commiserating too, quite about a things that repelled us this year, like Miley Cyrus and Brandi Glanville. Here are a tip 10 stories by criticism number.

10. Aug 14: Oprah called ‘over-sensitive’ by Zurich boutique

Oprah claimed that a Zurich shopgirl was extremist when she refused to uncover her a $40k purse and forked her to a cheaper alternative. The shopkeeper certified that Oprah was told a purse was too expensive, though afterwards proceeded to urge her employee, claiming that Oprah was being “absurd” and “over-sensitive.”

9. Feb 7: LeAnn Rimes ‘losing it’ over Brandi Glanville’s book

Earlier this year Brandi Glanville unequivocally had a tip palm over her media rival, LeAnn Rimes. Brandi had a bestselling book detailing a ways that LeAnn Rimes had stalked and stolen her man. Advance sum from Brandi’s book, Drinking and Tweeting, were pronounced to be pushing LeAnn crazy, and we know it doesn’t take much.

8. Aug 26: VMAs dominated by Miley Cyrus’s stank

It was a twerk listened ’round a universe when Miley Cyrus burnished adult on Robin Thicke while wearing a nude-colored bikini. We’re all good wakeful of Miley’s schtick by now, though this was a public’s initial genuine introduction to Miley 2.0: The tongue. we have seen adequate of this girl’s personal area to final me a lifetime, and don’t tell me that’s “slut shaming.”

7. Dec 18: Duck Dynasty’s Phil gives horribly descent interview

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson gave an impossibly descent talk to GQ in that he alike homosexuality with bestiality, claimed that black people were happier underneath Jim Crow laws, and attempted to proportion fight with a miss of Christian beliefs. AE put Phil on hiatus, though his family stood by him and doubled-down. The whole Duck Dynasty authorization is now in jeopardy.

6. Apr 22: Reese Witherspoon arrested for unfinished conduct

Reese Witherspoon’s open picture will never be a same after she was caught on tape severe a military officer during her husband’s DUI arrest. Reese showed a autarchic clarity of desert and miss of honour for management when she slurred “you’re about to find out who we am,” and combined that she was a “US citizen” authorised “to mount on American ground.”

5. May 31: Justin Theroux finds Brad Pitt’s Esquire talk uncool

Surprisingly enough, there are no unholy triangle posts in a tip three, only this one that tied for 5th and 4th place with a Oscars post. After Brad Pitt sort-of shadowy ex mom Jennifer Aniston to Esquire, Justin Theroux allegedly came to his lady’s defense. Star Magazine claims that Theroux told a mutual crony to tell Brad to cut it out.

4. Feb 24: Oscars Open Post

The 85th Annual Oscars during Hollywood  Highland Center
We adore to discuss about Hollywood’s biggest night. There’s always copiousness of fashion, play and an occasional upset. This year we had Jennifer Lawrence descending adult a stairs and Anne Hathaway descending all over herself.

3. May 14: Angelina Jolie reveals double mastectomy

Angelina Jolie repelled a universe with a relocating op ed square in a NY Times. Angelina explained that she’d opted for a double mastectomy after genetic tests suggested she had an 87% risk of building breast cancer. After carrying mislaid her mom and aunt to breast cancer, Angelina wasn’t holding any chances. Some people were anxious that she’d brought courtesy to such a estimable means while others questioned either her proclamation would means a arise in costly genetic tests and medically nonessential mastectomies. Whichever side you’re on, Angelina’s large exhibit valid that a tabloids don’t have a idea what’s going on with her.

2. Jul 9: Brandi Glanville got fall-down drunk

Before her celebration problem was apparent on RHOBH, Brandi Glanville was photographed removing sloppy, fall-down dipsomaniac in a little see-through babydoll dress in London. The waves of open opinion had nonetheless to spin opposite Brandi and many commenters were arguing about either she still had a dignified high belligerent over LeAnn Rimes.

1. Oct 4: Miley Cyrus poses for Terry Richardson

We couldn’t even uncover a ads on this post, even after blurring out Miley’s arm and boobs, since a photos were so repulsive and suggestive. Creeper Terry Richardson took a photos of course, and he also destined a “Wrecking Ball” video. You can censure him for a produce licking, though not for Miley’s whole new persona, that got so many people articulate in 2013.

For everybody looking for a Cumby post, I’m sorry! Cumberbatch is during #13 for a talk with his onetime Russian hookup, Katia Elizarova, espousing her low thoughts on feminism, wedding abuse, and her purpose in relationships. At series 11 (or unequivocally tied for series 10) would be Lindsay Lohan hardly creation it to a justice date. The news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their baby “North” is during series 12.

Have a good holiday everybody and we’ll see we for some some-more report on Thursday!

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