Celebitchy Book Club: ‘Dark Places’ by Gillian Flynn

Celebitchy Book Club: ‘Dark Places’ by Gillian Flynn


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I review Dark Places by Gillian Flynn AFTER we review Flynn’s Gone Girl. we couldn’t assistance nonetheless review a dual books side-by-side, nonetheless Flynn wrote Dark Places 3 years before Gone Girl. For my money, Gone Girl is a some-more constrained story and a approach she told that story was a good mindf—k. As for Dark Places, we can tell that she’s perplexing to screw with your mind, and while there are tools that are creepy as hell, it usually didn’t have a altogether creepiness and OMG-ness of Gone Girl.

Dark Places plays quick and lax with a narration, nonetheless a bulk of a book is narrated by Libby Day, a usually survivor of a horrific conflict that took her mother’s life and a lives of Libby’s dual sisters. Libby’s hermit Ben went on hearing for a murders and he is sitting in jail as present-day Libby (who is in her 20s) narrates a story. The days heading adult to a murders are told in flashbacks by 1980s Ben (then a teenager) and Patty Day, a family matriarch.

Once a flashbacks finally came adult to a Zero Hour of a night of a murder, we have to acknowledge that we was flattering let down by what indeed happened in a Day residence and who unequivocally committed a crimes. But… we arrange of enjoyed a artistic creepiness of present-day Libby personification half-assed investigator and removing in over her conduct in brief order. She was arrange of like a unequivocally sleazy, grown-up Nancy Drew who spends a lot of time interviewing strippers and unresolved out with murder groupies. Libby managed to be crafty and resilient, nonetheless not indispensably likeable.

Would we suggest this book? Well, Bedhead endorsed it to me since we enjoyed Gone Girl so much, nonetheless we have to acknowledge that Flynn’s essay impression is an acquired taste. Gone Girl is usually a stronger book altogether nonetheless Dark Places is good if you’re engaging in saying how Flynn grown her voice and how she develops her stories. By a final entertain of Dark Places, a exegesis jumps were vapid though. So, we would arrange of suggest it, nonetheless usually if we enjoyed Gone Girl and creepy books like that.

Bedhead’s take: Gillian Flynn never disappoints me. She paints a transparent view of characters, and we can ambience a courage inside any scene. Dark Places‘ Libby Day was my slightest favorite of Flynn’s womanlike protagonists (Amazing Amy from Gone Girl was a terrible person, nonetheless she had grit and drive). Flynn still combined a constrained set of neuroses for her favourite to puncture by in this book. Libby lives in her possess burble for many years until a need for money drives her into a arms of a organisation seeking answers. She’s a formidable nonetheless greedy impression and would be profoundly unlikeable if we didn’t know what she’d been by as a child. The fact that we base for Libby in annoy of her rapacity is to Flynn’s credit.

The book’s turn on how a murders happened was both frightening nonetheless definitely realistic. The idea that a mom would feel unfortunate adequate to theme her possess family to such a predestine was terrifying. Also haunting? Ben’s capitulation in gripping Diondra and her daughter’s existence a secret. Gillian Flynn is a master during weaving a story that keeps people guessing until a really end. we enjoyed Dark Places so most even nonetheless it was a heart-shattering book. This was like a Darren Aaronofsky film for me: we conclude a dexterity and craftsmanship, nonetheless I’d never be means to review it again.

Celebitchy’s Take: we don’t routinely review crime novels so this could be partial of a reason we found a book lacking overall. While a tract was engaging and kept me reading on, we didn’t caring about a characters and found them unlikeable, with a difference of Libby’s mom, Patty. Even a children were bratty. we had small magnetism for a lead character, Libby, and wouldn’t have disposed if she was killed.

Flynn is a apt author who who weaves a story that keeps we unresolved and reading on, nonetheless we found a finish extraordinary and not value a payoff. What’s some-more is that a mother, who was my favorite impression adult until a end, done a forward preference that would have truly ravaged her children, even if her devise would have left off though a hitch. Somehow Flynn managed to hurt a good will we had for that singular character. Again, I’m not a fan of crime books (with a difference of Grisham) and we drive transparent of CSI and Law and Order form shows. If we suffer that genre, we might like this story.

Our subsequent book bar preference is The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown. It’s several years old, nonetheless it’s a good take on Princess Diana’s life and how she fought a stately family. We’ll plead a book on May 18th!

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