Brandi Glanville ‘jokes’ on her podcast, wishes she had been molested as...

Brandi Glanville ‘jokes’ on her podcast, wishes she had been molested as a kid



Brandi Glanville has a podcast. Some people like it and it’s apparently flattering successful. I’ve never listened to it, mostly since we don’t caring and also since her voice annoys me. So, this is a story about her podcast on Monday. Brandi mostly brings in her friends to chat, and she brought in Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson from VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show for a second half of her podcast. Somehow, a review drifted over to “jokes” about child molestation. I’m not even joking. The transcript:

Brandi Glanville: we was indeed stalking we online, Jim. And we have something in common.

Jim Florentine: Oh?

Brandi: I, too, wanted to be molested as a child and was upheld up.

Jim: Really?

Brandi: Yes!

Jim: What happened? You see, I, we was an tabernacle boy, so… they didn’t go after a girls too much.

Brandi: They did! My sister got felt up… by a principal. Yeah. But, zero for me. we didn’t get… he didn’t demeanour during me sideways.

Jim: Did we feel harm by that?

Brandi: Yeah! we mean, now, looking back, I’m super bummed. we was thinking, like, all this and nothin’?

[Transcript around Amy Grindhouse]

Obviously, she was joking. Was it wanton and sum and offensive? Of course. But I’ve come to know Brandi’s biggest problem: it’s that she doesn’t know that jokes should be “saved” from non-public interactions with people she’s tighten to, contra that jokes are prepared for open interactions on camera or on a radio or in interviews. Every singular one of us has done an “inappropriate” fun among friends and when you’re a organisation of people we trust, no one cares if we only done a child seduction joke. But when we start putting your each racist, offensive, seduction LOLZ jokes out there for open consumption, that’s when a problems arise.


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