Biggest Loser leader Rachel Frederickson says she exercises 3-4 times a day

Biggest Loser leader Rachel Frederickson says she exercises 3-4 times a day



There’s still a lot of gibberish around Rachel Frederickson, a 24 year-old Biggest Loser leader who showed adult for her final import in during only 105 pounds during 5’5″ tall. Rachel had mislaid a sum of 155 pounds from her high of 260. Since withdrawal a plantation 3 months ago, Rachel mislaid an additional 45 pounds, withdrawal her really skinny and giving her a advantage to win a foe and a $250,000 esteem money. Rachel mislaid a top commission of her physique weight among a contestants, 59.5%, that is a top commission detriment in a show’s 15 deteriorate history. Rachel is also a initial competitor to be underweight during a time of her weigh-in.

Trainer Jillian Michaels has refused to criticism on Rachel’s transformation, tweeting that she and Bob Harper are “not gentle commenting on Rachel’s tour given we weren’t her trainers and weren’t given an event to work with her during any point.

Bob wasn’t means to conflict observant something a day later. He taped an coming on The Rachael Ray show, that will atmosphere subsequent week. He saidWhat people don’t know is, when contestants leave to go home … they’re in assign of themselves. So, we had not seen her until that night, and so when she walked out, we was only like of like, ‘whoa.’ And I’ve been on a uncover given a beginning, forever. … we was stunned. That would be a word. we mean, we’ve never had a competitor come in during 105 pounds.

As many outlets noted, Bob and Jillian’s faces kind of pronounced it all:

Rachel on was The Today Show Wednesday, where a anchors never asked her about a controversy over her weight loss. To be fair, Rachel was not in a studio during a time as her moody had been canceled. She was being interviewed remotely.

People Magazine recently published a fact that Rachel certified that she exercised adult to 4 times a day once she left a show, observant she took “maybe three, 4 classes a day” during a gym like Zumba and spinning. She contingency have spent all day during a gym. Rachel wanted to win Biggest Loser and she did. Many of we commented that this is a competition, and Rachel won by impassioned measures. Whether it’s healthy or not to remove that most weight that quick is something a media continues to debate, though she did what she suspicion she had to in sequence to win. If these shows like Extreme Weight Loss and Biggest Loser showed realistic, light weight detriment they only wouldn’t have as most play would they?

Here’s a video of Rachel’s win:



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