Benedict Cumberbatch covers High Life: ‘I’m not a macho alpha masculine arrange...

Benedict Cumberbatch covers High Life: ‘I’m not a macho alpha masculine arrange of guy’



Considering how many times Benedict Cumberbatch has already cheated genocide (I consider we’re adult to a baker’s dozen), it’s uncanny that he keeps on tantalizing fate. Benedict sealed on to do a “road test,” photoshoot and talk in a Arctic Circle for High Life Magazine. There are photos, there are new Batch quotes and there was a Jaguar that purred deliciously. I’m kind of meditative that Benedict only needs to try-out for James Bond already.

*stares off into distance, fantasizing about Double-O-Batch*

Anyway, I’m not super-interested in a Jaguar things – we would suppose that this is cross-promotion, not distinct Jennifer Aniston’s many interviews on interest of Aveeno. But Benedict goes all out for his contracts. we mean, he went to a Arctic Circle to expostulate a Jag on sheets of ice. HARDCORE. Of course, he also got to hang out with some Husky puppies, and a dogs immediately feel underneath a spell of The Batch (they are now literally Cumberbitches). You can review a full High Life square here, and here are some highlights:

Description of The Batch: He’s dressed in a thick fur-collared jacket, black salopettes, corpulent blue scarf, large sleet boots, thick gloves and downy hat. He’s high (6ft), ramrod straight, only 37, slim (though perplexing to bulk adult for his subsequent partial as a niggardly in Blood Mountain), has a blemish-free and stubble-free complexion, ice-blue eyes and swept-back auburn brownish-red hair.

Working so much: ‘I’ve played so many characters so fast. we had a bank holiday weekend to send from Sherlock Holmes into Christopher Tietjens [in Parade’s End].’

His new sex pitch image: ‘[I’m] apparently a sex pitch — nonetheless it’s a bit of a poser because as my face has not altered that many during a 10 years we have been in this business’.

He roughly shop-worn a money: He tells us he tripped recently while jogging on Hampstead Heath and, when he fell, he suspicion he was going to pound his face. His subsequent suspicion was for Steven Moffat, a co-creator of Sherlock, who, ‘would not have been impressed’.

Playing with a huskies: Benedict loves dogs nonetheless he says he’s too bustling to possess one. Before he goes out on a sled, he’s on all fours in a sleet with a dog tickling a tummy, his new best friend.

Appearing on Sesame Street: ‘One of a best fun things I’ve ever done’.

He tries to welcome ‘all a cache of life’ and likes daredevil sports: ‘I’m not a macho alpha masculine arrange of man though we do like vital on a corner a bit. we like skydiving, snowboarding, kite surfing and we float a motorbike in London.’

His famous roles: Benedict tells me he got a partial of Sherlock after a producers saw him in Atonement personification Paul Marshall, ‘a chocolate millionaire paedophile rapist. He’s a darkest impression I’ve ever played.’ The hardest impression to play? WikiLeaks owner Julian Assange. ‘There is such dignified ambiguity there. Also, he wouldn’t accommodate me nonetheless we had an email attribute to try to get his perspective.’ The impression he’d many like to play? ‘David Bowie.’

[From High Life]

I would determine that Benedict is not a “macho alpha masculine arrange of guy.” I’m blissful he knows that about himself. But I’m flourishing sap of all of a daredevil stuff, a skydiving and Arctic exam pushing and being hold during gunpoint (that happened when he was unequivocally young, though still). Why can’t he only stay in London (or his Venice Beach home?!) and splash a good crater of tea?

Little things: I’m looking brazen to him bulking up! He put on a lot of flesh weight when he did Star Trek and he looked amaze-balls. I’m also blissful that everybody knows he has AUBURN hair during this point. Nowadays, everybody knows about a auburn dong muff. Is that good news or bad news?



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