Benedict Cumberbatch roughly got into a fist-fight when he was in LA...

Benedict Cumberbatch roughly got into a fist-fight when he was in LA for a Oscars



Any pier in a storm. we keep meditative that during some point, Benedict Cumberbatch is going to delayed down and we’ll have a Cumberdearth on a hands. While there has been LESS Cumbernews over a past few months, Benedict has been creation a rounds, doing interviews and murdering it during a Oscars. And now he’s unequivocally arrived: he’s a lead figure in a National Enquirer report piece! This is indeed a second time – to my memory – that Cumby has been featured in a Enquirer, though a initial time was only a rehash of some interviews he’s given. This one is an honest-to-God report square about Benedict removing perplexed in a parking lot:

Dashing BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH – Brit star of “12 Years a Slave” – detected only how crazy Hollywood can get on super-charged Oscars weekend when he unexpected finished adult in a center of an violent quarrel between his limo driver, valets and confidence guards during a swanky LA hotel!

Said My SpyWitness: “When Cumberbatch’s motorist pulled adult to a hotel, he unsuccessful to expostulate into a semicircular drive and parked his limo on a street, restraint a exit. As a star stepped out, several valets ran adult – perfectionist that a limo be changed immediately – and he abruptly found himself trapped in a center of an sharpening screaming match!”

Trying to make peace, Cumberbatch asked his motorist to pierce a limo – though as valets got in a guy’s face, punches were thrown!

Ducking and dodging drifting fists, Cumberbatch slipped and fell only as hotel confidence changed in and pennyless adult a quarrel – grouping a motorist to pierce his automobile pronto, or they’d call a police!

That did it for a star, who transient into a hotel and gasped to pals who’d been watchful for him: “I overtly suspicion we was going to get clobbered!”

[From The National Enquirer]

I don’t unequivocally know a logistics of this story. Was Benedict being forsaken off, or was his limo unequivocally perplexing to park in a hotel entrance? It’s so weird. It competence even be true, who knows. we don’t unequivocally consider of Benedict as that butch, so we suppose he didn’t know what to do when fists started flying. And afterwards he slipped! The Cumberbum was in danger!!!!

As for a other thing… Benedict has an editorial in a new emanate of GQ Style, we guess? The editorial seems to be from final year, though we theory they’re only edition it now. You can see a scans here – it’s a sun-soaked photoshoot with Alice Eve, who we trust is his tighten friend. They’ve worked together and she’s talked about him in interviews. we get a sense that she’s really lustful of him and that she wouldn’t mind a go on a Cumberdong. we know that bothers some of you, though we don’t hatred Alice Eve. we consider her physique is implausible and she’s a flattering girl. If she and The Batch were hittin’ it… we would be happy for both of them. Also, a print of him touching her chin is going to make me cry. we am full-on Twihard for Cumberbatch, it’s not even humorous anymore.

Also: if we wish me to see a sold Cumberstory, all we have to do is email me or twitter me. Don’t dump “I can’t trust you’re not covering this” comments on me, like I’m holding something back! we overtly only saw this Alice Eve thing yesterday for a initial time.


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