Anna Wintour’s daughter: My mom threw out a tree before Christmas

Anna Wintour’s daughter: My mom threw out a tree before Christmas


I don’t know many about Vogue editor Anna Wintour. we do know she was a “alleged” theme of The Devil Wears Prada, we know that she “allegedly” hates Kim Kardashian, we know that she told Oprah to remove weight to acquire that Vogue cover (she certified it!) and we remember a contempt she showed on 60 Minutes when described a outing she once done to Minnesota. Wintour saidI’d usually been on a outing to Minnesota, where we can usually pleasantly report many of a people we saw as small houses.”

If Anna Wintour is such a judgy square of work that she even told a Mighty O to remove weight, can we picture what she contingency be like as a mom? I’d always insincere she didn’t have any kids, though she does. Wintour, 64, has dual grown children from her matrimony to child psychiatrist David Shaffer, that finished in 1999. She has a 28 year-old son named Charles and a 26 year-old daughter named Bee Shaffer. Judging from Bee’s Instagram, I consider Charles lives in Minnesota, that explains his mom’s snub during being subjected to saying fat people there. Bee lives in NY and works in television as a shred writer for Seth Myers.

Anyway Bee recently Instagrammed a following print of some bags and presents sitting around waste with a heading “My mom threw out a tree before Christmas Day since ‘it was too messy’” Can we imagine? we theory a lassie couldn’t brush adult a descending needles quick enough, or someone unsuccessful to place a ornaments in ideal geometric formation.


But! Wintour wasn’t wholly grinch-like this Christmas. She gave her daughter a Downton Abbey mop and some good pjs. Bee wrote “Pjs and downton… AW knows me well!

Bee seems flattering normal, judging by her Instagram. we theory Anna Wintour contingency not be all bad, though I’m unexpected really beholden for my possess mom.




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