When Brett Lee took a bollywood route!

When Brett Lee took a bollywood route!


Yes, we review that right, Brett Lee, a hunky Australian cricketer who is already strong renouned with a Indian crowds (not to discuss Indian women) has motionless to make use of a recognition and burst into bollywood!

And this film that is patrician ‘UnIndian’ won’t even be a sports film or something, it is a regretful comedy that will be a initial underline film to be done by a Australia India film fund. His co-star in UnIndian will be Tanishtha Chatterjee who by a approach is really most Indian. It is Anupam Sharma who will be directing a Brett Lee starrer and Devendra gupta and Yateendra Gupta who will benefaction it.

So what does Brett Lee have to contend about it? “I’m celebrated to have been expel as a lead in a initial AIFF film, absolved to be operative with Anupam Sharma and shamed to be operative with an singer of a description of Tanishtha Chatterjee” was what he pronounced to a media.

Tanishtha Chatterjee is naturally all vehement about being a partial of Brett Lee’s bollywood entrance and this is what she had to say, “Australia has always been a really special nation for me. we adore a book and we am super vehement to work with Anupam Sharma and his whole team. And Brett Lee… What can we say? Look brazen to carrying a blast, Brett.”

All we can wish is for Brett Lee to have a prolonged highway forward for himself in bollywood as who wouldn’t adore to watch someone that darling on a large screen, right?

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