What was prohibited in Bollywood final week?

What was prohibited in Bollywood final week?


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What was prohibited in Bollywood final week?
Dedh Ishqiya: Lately, there have been a lot of sequels Krrish 3, Dhoom 3, etc; all of that have been some-more successful than their rarely successful prequels. The same can be pronounced about Madhuri Dixit’s quip film Dedh Ishqiya, that is a supplement to a strike 2010 dim comedy Ishqiya. Bollywood Celebden presents Dedh Ishqiya Review.
Yaariyan: Directed by a debutante executive Divya Khosla, Yaariyan is a kind of a coming-of-age film not only for a characters in a story though also a executive and a expel themselves. Divya Khosla is not new to a glam-world, she was featured in several song videos besides behaving in a few films. Other than that, being a mother of a tip nick writer like Bhushan Kumar, meant she had entrance to many any star that she competence have wanted to act in a film. Instead; she chose a finish new-comer cast; that brought a hitherto different mutation to a screen. Bollywood Celebden presents Yaariyan Review

NEWS: Priyanka Chopra follows footstpes of Parineeti Chopra!

What was prohibited in Bollywood final week?
While many of us would design Parineeti Chopra to follow to feet stairs of her elder cousin Priyanka Chopra, we have speckled otherwise! Recently during a Filmfare 2013 press conference, Priyanka was snapped posing a really same approach her renouned cousin Parineeti did with a endowment she had won. Click here to review more.

GOSSIP: Have Hrithik and Salman turn good friends now?

What was prohibited in Bollywood final week?
Now we all are good wakeful that things between Hrithik and Salman have not been good given a time Salman Khan upheld a derogative criticism on Hrithik Roshan’s Guzarish. Things were not good between a dual a few months behind as Hrithik’s Krrish 3 co-stars – Priyanka Chopra and Kangna Ranaut seemed on Bigg Boss though him given a existence uncover is being hosted by a Being Human actor. Click here to review more.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Biggest conform disasters in Bollywood in 2013!

What was prohibited in Bollywood final week?
Being an actor is not an easy job! Acting, dating, rumors, gossips and glamour, they have to unclothed it all. But one thing that is approaching out of them is sauce adult nicely. We are not articulate about being fashionistas any time they step out, though we don’t wish them to shock us either! Being an actor, one has to dress to kill, though there are some people who literally kill when they dress! Phew! So here are a biggest conform disasters in Bollywood in 2013. Click here to see more.

PHOTOS: Some of Bollywood’s Weird Couples! Now, afterwards and ever after!

What was prohibited in Bollywood final week?
ove is blind. If we don’t determine with this judgment afterwards trust me, by a finish of a essay we will second me!!There are some couples that creation we go ‘awwww’ any time we demeanour during them. They are cute, darling and totally ‘in love’. But sometimes, there are some couples who make we consternation ‘how on earth did they even find any other?’. Well here are some of Bollywood’s uncanny couples. A few couples have damaged adult and a few might mangle adult flattering shortly and some are only in love, we consternation how!!! Click here to review more.

VIDEOS: The most awaited Gulab Gang trailer is out!

What was prohibited in Bollywood final week?
Madhuri Dixit is behind with a crash and she looks extraordinary like never before in this Gulab Gang trailer! The really delicate and lively Begum Para gets dramatically remade into a really absolute superwoman. Take a demeanour during all a movement scenes that Madhuri Dixit has rubbed so intensely good and we will have to acknowledge that nothing one else would substantially have finished them better. Click here to watch a trailer.

Blog: Nothing can kick Salman Khan’s awesomeness!

What was prohibited in Bollywood final week?
Salman Khan has been roving high on a success of his prior films and is all geared adult for his arriving film Jai Ho. His tour in Bollywood has one value looking behind and smiling through. Click here to review more

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