What creates Priyanka Chopra happy?

What creates Priyanka Chopra happy?


Priyanka Chopra wrote a open minute to a universe where she talks about a things that make her happy. Be warned, means reading this minute competence give we soppy eyes. So touching!

“Clap along if we feel like complacency is a truth

Because I’m happy

Clap along if we know what complacency is to you

Because I’m happy

Clap along if we feel like that’s what we wanna do…

Listen to Pharell boys and girls… he’s on to something!

I consider we spend approach too many time meditative disastrous and not adequate time appreciating a good things that exist in a lives. I’ve figured out a things that make me many happy:

My friends and family – putting my conduct on my mother’s path after a prolonged day and work; lunch sent from home… baked by my lil brother; a long, parsimonious cuddle from my best friend; a demeanour of honour on my nani’s face; a stupidity of my vast family celebrating a wedding… it’s umbrella and each such moment, large or small, creates me happy

My work – no matter what charge brews in my life, we can simply get up, go to work and close a universe outside. Whether it’s creation cinema or creation music, a creativity rises me adult and sets me free. This is my truth!

The elementary things – a smiling baby in a swarming airport; a summary of adore and support from a fan; a smell of a initial rains; a handwritten note; giving my doggie some adore since he’s blank my mother; fibbing in bed examination TV shows back-to-back; a disreputable midnight float on my Harley; an all nighter with my girls only laughing, eating and gossiping… a elementary bland joys of life that we contingency learn to appreciate!”

Now who knew a luminary like her would adore a same things that any normal or typical chairman would love!

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