Vidyut Jamwal harmed during a shade awards rehearsals!

Vidyut Jamwal harmed during a shade awards rehearsals!


We’ve reported how Vidyut Jamwal is going to be behaving during a 20th annual shade awards this year for a really special burning act that is patrician ‘Adventures of Hatim’ and we contingency contend that we have been looking brazen to a prohibited actor behaving divided with fire. But then, a actor who’s been practicing day and night for a uncover has apparently harmed himself so badly during a certain collision during a rehearsals that he will no longer be means to perform.

As his legs and toes are affected, there won’t be any chnace of liberation before a uncover takes place and hence, Arjun Kapoor has been approached as a deputy for a same act by a managers. Whether he has given his agree to a act or not is something that is nonetheless to be known.

Confirming this, here’s what a source from a inside says, “Vidyut while rehearsing harm his leg and toes and had to be rushed to sanatorium immediately. We were carefree of his performance. However, his health did not assent him to perform. As a final notation deputy we approached Arjun Kapoor and Rajbir Singh from a uncover ‘The Adventures of Hatim’”

The awards are going to take place currently though we can watch it on Life OK channel usually someday later.

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