Sussanne Roshan has not demanded Rs.100 cr as divorce settlement

Sussanne Roshan has not demanded Rs.100 cr as divorce settlement


Just final week, we had reported that Hrithik Roshan would be profitable Sussanne Roshan a whooping sum of Rs 100 Cr as divorce settlement. However, this news has not left down good with a actor’s mother and a latter has slammed a media observant a reprobate to tell such fake news.

“I was deeply unhappy when we review today’s essay patrician ‘Sussanne and Hrithik Roshan divorce: Rs 100 crore settlement? There is no component of law in a news and it is wholly speculative,” she pronounced in a statement.

“It is reprobate to tell fake news and assume on a private relations of individuals,” she added.

The integrate continue to honour any other and their categorical concentration is their kids.

“Hrithik and we have always had a deepest honour for one and another. Our primary concentration has and will continue to be a dual children. we would nonetheless again like to interest that we are postulated a remoteness during this vicious connection in a lives,” she said.

Meanwhile, Hrithik and Sussanne announced a news of their subdivision early this month, finale their 17 years of relationship. The twin antiquated for 4 years before finally restraining a tangle Dec 20, 2000. The integrate are sanctified with dual sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

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