Soumik Sen to make a bio-pic on PC Sorcar’s life?

Soumik Sen to make a bio-pic on PC Sorcar’s life?


It looks like Bollywood has been deeply soft by a biopic bug, with films being done on a lives of Boxer Mary Kom, Hockey actor Dhyan Chand, vocalist MS Subbulakshmi, mathematician Ramanujan and actor-singer Kishore Kumar already underneath pipe-line, we have now listened that nonetheless another film will be combined to a prolonged list, that of Soumik Sen’s subsequent that is apparently a biopic on wizard PC Sorcar.

Apparently, Soumik, who is currently packaged with his stirring film Gulaab Gang has acquired a required rights for a film from a late magician’s family. Confirming a development, Sen says that while he acquired a rights a while back, interjection to his bustling report he never unequivocally got down to creation a film.

Sen serve combined that he has created a book for a film and will work on it as shortly as possible. However he says that it is nonetheless too early to assume on a lead actor for a film, though rest positive that a film will underline a famous face.

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