Sonam Kapoor’s initial on-screen bus in Bewakoofiyaan

Sonam Kapoor’s initial on-screen bus in Bewakoofiyaan


Though Sonam Kapoor has finished kissing scenes in some of her films, a scenes never done it to a final cut. The arriving film Bewakoofiyaan will have her initial on-screen kiss.

“For some reason Sonam’s kissing scenes have been deleted from her prior films. This is her initial lick that will be seen on-screen,” says a source.

Sonam will also be seen sporting a bikini in a film. Reportedly, a singer worked out a lot to get a right figure for a scene. The film’s executive Nupur says “I didn’t have to remonstrate Sonam to wear a bikini. In a film, we have a strain where they are going to a review and any 26-year aged worldly lady today, from Mumbai/Delhi will competition a bikini with her beloved and friends. So she was positively cold about it.”

She serve added, “Of course, she was like s**t we will have to work out now and really worked out really tough for it. But we told her don’t go really lean. We are display a genuine lady and not a supermodel wearing a bikini. It is there only for seconds in a film. So yes, Sonam didn’t stop eating though worked out. And so did Ayushmann Khurrana. He also had to tinge adult his body.”

Reportedly, Ayushmann was also asked by a writer Aditya Chopra, to get a hero-like physique for a film. “Yes, Nupur tells me that she got a brief from Adi that chalo, iss ladke ko prohibited bana do. Since my impression in a film plays squash, we had to be fit. Adi privately asked me to work out a lot more. He pronounced that while people know that we can act and sing, we had to also demeanour improved now,” says Ayushmann.

Bewakoofiyaan is set for a recover on Mar 14th.

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