Sonakshi Sinha reveals a tip behind her svelte figure

Sonakshi Sinha reveals a tip behind her svelte figure


Bollywood singer Sonakshi Sinha facilities on a cover page of a latest book of Women’s Health magazine, and boy, she looks no reduction than a diva. Like literally sizzling hot.

The actress, during a phenomenon eventuality common her tip of how she achieved her slim figure. There was a time when Sona’s figure was subjected to critique each singular time she done an appearance. But off late, critics only cant stop purgation about her newly acquired hod bod.

Sonakshi says, “It was not easy during all for somebody like me. we am a kind of chairman who hates a gym. we am allergic to a gym. we wish to run divided from it”.

“But we consider once we put my mind to something, we go out and grasp it and we theory we did that,” she added.

This beautifully sculpted physique is a outcome of loads of tough work and determination.

“I motionless we wish to do it (shed weight) and we took a step to grasp that…tried to grasp my idea rather than being pressurised from people and telling, ‘O demeanour during her, she is so fat, she is this…she is that.’”

“If it hadn’t come from within, we didn’t wish to do it,” Sonakshi said.

Sonakshi looks pleasing as ever and her story is certain an impulse to millions of girls.

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