Soha Ali Khan ’s subsequent is with Shivaji Patel

Soha Ali Khan ’s subsequent is with Shivaji Patel


If there’s one singer who notwithstanding doing a reduction series of films has roughly overwhelmed each genre in her career and finished some unequivocally heated films, that would be Soha Ali Khan. After a really laughable Mr.Joe B Carvalho, that was tolerably successful, Soha Ali Khan is now going to be operative with Shivaji Patel for another ‘powerful film’ as she reveals in one of her new tweets.

“My subsequent film is set in Delhi on Oct 31 1984 and is a absolute story destined by inhabitant endowment leader Shivaji Patil” was what her twitter said.

Shivaji Patel is indeed a absolute executive who’s also won a inhabitant endowment for his Marathi film ‘Dhag’. Stay tuned for some some-more sum on what a film is going to be all about.

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