Sidharth Malhotra’s new found love- Scuba Diving

Sidharth Malhotra’s new found love- Scuba Diving


Bollywood’s uninformed entrant, 2 films old, Sidharth Malhotra is now fervent to learn scuba diving. The actor who was sharpened for ‘Ek Villian’ in Mauritius, took a find march in a H2O sport.

Sid had to bear training before he indulged in a impassioned competition and given a sharpened was on a parsimonious report he took a many facile march for diver’s. However Sidharth desired a knowledge of being underwater. He desired to watch a sea life and corals so closely.

The whole nautical knowledge preoccupied a actor and he is penetrating to take a veteran diver’s march in destiny and try low waters. Sidharth has been enquiring about several scuba diving courses given then. He would ideally mislay time to do a simple swimming pool training in a city itself and afterwards go for dives abroad.

Says Sidharth Malhotra “We shot underwater for a strain in EK Villian. It was a illusory experience!! They were a best 2 days in a Mauritius schedule. Im looking brazen to be a approved schuba diver soon!”

Sidharth Malhotroa's new found love- Scuba DivingSidharth Malhotroa ShirtlessSidharth Malhotroa posing

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