Shruti Hassan will spend a new year’s with daddy Hassan

Shruti Hassan will spend a new year’s with daddy Hassan


As all of a bollywood stars are going out to applaud a new year’s day on a large scale merrymaking away, Shruti Hassan decides to spend a day with her father Kamal Hassan. The singer who hasn’t had any tamil films newly has been operative a lot in bollywood and hence has apparently been spending a lot some-more time in Mumbai with her mom Sarika and obtuse time with her father in Chennai. And hence, Shruti has motionless that she will be spending a new year’s day with Kamal Hassan in her Chennai home.

After a stalking incident, both her mom Sarika and father Kamal Hassan have been unequivocally disturbed about her and kept checking on her constantly. Sarika even took measures such that when someone new calls her, they would have to speak to Sarika initial before they strech out to Shruti Hassan. Kamal Hassan ha also been equally disturbed about her given afterwards and she hasn’t visited him after that. So that’s because Shruti has motionless to step into 2014 with him…

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