Shahid Kapoor’s finally shred off his hair!

Shahid Kapoor’s finally shred off his hair!


After all a tumult about Shahid Kapoor losing his pleasing black hair for his arriving film Haider, he’s finally shred it off and looks like he’s shaken about it as that is what his chatter says. “Reading scenes for a final sched of HAIDER..Nervous and excited..Last 4 days of hair we can run my hands thru..Snowed out kashmir calling” was what he tweeted about his hair.

And once again today, he tweeted observant something like ‘chop clout day’ definition that he contingency have mislaid his hair today! We severely wish that he’s going to post a bald design of his or we will have to wait until a film releases to find what a bald Shahid Kapoor would demeanour like.

A lot of immature lady fans of a star don’t seem to like a thought though, what with all them seeking him not to trim his conduct on chatter with a hashtag DontGoBaldShahid. But we’re certain they needn’t worry. Shahid Kapoor would demeanour as large but hair as well.

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