Shah Rukh Khan, ‘the face of regretful music’!

Shah Rukh Khan, ‘the face of regretful music’!


Along with a many titles like Baadshah and King Khan that Shah Rukh Khan has been bestowed on with all these years a new and a small offbeat pretension pretension has only been given to him by a Radio Mirchi, ‘the face of regretful music’ and he’s been awarded with a endowment of a same name in a recently hold Mirchi song awards. While he was being awarded, as an honour to him, a immature singers of a nation sang unequivocally beautifully to a miscellany of all his memorable regretful songs like Tujhe Dekha Tho, Bholi Si Surat, Main Yahan Hoon, Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hain.

Shah Rukh Khan who was gay with all this expresses his complacency on chatter saying, “Extremely overwhelmed by all singers entrance together to do this for me. It’s given me 10 years of appetite to go on stronger and harder. Thank we Mirchi.”

This is a 6th time that Mirchi awards have been hold really successfully and Aashiqui was a biggest strike this year during a awards with a film winning scarcely 5 to 6 awards out of them all. Sonu Nigam, Arijit Singh and Udit Narayan were a renouned singers who attended a event.

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