Sanjay Dutt is emotionally unsettled and depressed

Sanjay Dutt is emotionally unsettled and depressed


Sanjay Dutt, who came out on release a month ago and has to go behind to jail on Jan 21st, is in a bad romantic state; according to his friends. The actor who is portion a 5 year judgment in Pune’s Yerwada Prison, was out on a month’s permit a few months ago and again in December, he was postulated a month’s release since of his wife’s illness.

Sources contend his mother Maanyata is undergoing diagnosis for a lung problem during a sanatorium in Mumbai. Dutt has been shuttling between a sanatorium and his home, where he has to demeanour after his immature twins. His friends contend he is on a verge of a shaken breakdown.

“Even a jail judgment did not break him as most as news of Maana’s illness did. He was so dissapoint that he was articulate gibberish,” says a friend.

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